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  1. But, the most important question (and trying to avoid a "that's what she said" moment), exactly how big is "big?"
  2. One of the pillars of F1. Godspeed Sir Frank, finally again free of the wheelchair. 😢
  3. Done (from afar) and good luck to her with her project. But can't help to wonder at the above statement with TLF immediately coming to mind! 😲 🤔
  4. Just something else to keep clean
  5. Lots of carbon fibre in an SUV... that'll make for some pretty expensive shopping cart dings and kerb scrapes!
  6. It's a bit like the compact fluorescent light bulb craze of the previous decade or so, was going to save the planet with all the juice saved from incandescent, some places even mandating their use. Oh wait, turns out they don't last forever (less than incandescent in my experience) and, what do you know, CFLs are toxic waste and have to be disposed as such! No doubt with greater use of resources to manufacture and dispose of them than a 50 cent glass bulb and tungsten filament. Fortunately, now we have $10 LED bulbs to light our homes, even more if they're "smart." Progress! 🤦‍♂️
  7. I seem to be following all the wrong FB pages. 🤔
  8. Yes. Nice award. Now, I love Lotus as much as the next guy or wouldn't have been here as long as dirt, but I hope there's not a little bit of emperor's new clothes going on. I've no idea how these awards are derived, but they've gone and won an award for manufacturing on basis of two new vehicles to replace decades old ones, and which are still in prototype possibly for a year or more. We won't know for sure until they are rolling off the line, no matter how many deposits dealers are sitting on. Is it primarily that they are developing new architectures and expanding production facilities and jobs? If so, good on them! Now, the latest Emira moniker of "the most accomplished Lotus ever made?" Looks to be a great car but I'm really not getting that one at all. 😕 With the announcement of the RHD C8 Corvette coming to the UK at a similar 80-95k GBP price point, it should make for some interesting comparison articles in the next couple of years. I'm looking forward to seeing exactly what the Emira can "accomplish."
  9. Teaching moment for Lando. Team has access to the radar and can do the calculations on the fly to figure the benefit of a stop strategy. His day will come, though. Can it be said out loud that, through the diligence of engineering, planning, and driver selection that Mclaren seem to contenders again? Good on them and good for the sport. Lando won the popular driver's vote, but kudos to Max for passing all but one in the field. For Lando as well, sometimes it's the races you don't win that showcase your talent the most.
  10. Great work as always, Paul! Since this thread is specific to the restoration of S1 234G, encourage them to keep posting here!
  11. Hi Allen. Hopefully, you have acquired parts and service manuals in some form which greatly helps the ordering process. If not, (RD Enterprises above) has an online parts manual. The US sites are not as extensively organized as SJ. Often, you can just email the vendors with part numbers needed to get availability. Don't be surprised to piecemeal an order from different vendors to get all the parts you need. Good luck with your repairs.
  12. yeller77


    My brew mate is of German descent and naturally lager/märzen-centric but even he came around to the Wherry. We still have a couple gallons on keg but had to un-tap until his upcoming Oktoberfest bash, for which he's made some special brews, passes. We can then re-tap and enjoy finishing it off. I picked up one of the 128 oz GrowlerWerks Ukegs to keep my personal supply at hand. Works a treat. 😋
  13. yeller77


    Going out on a limb here, but until proven otherwise, I hereby stake claim to the first (only?) batch of Wherry brewed on the colonial side of the pond. Turned out great, with the help of a home-brewing mate, and is a fine drink. i think I've got the bug. Glad I ponied up for an extra kit!
  14. I think the "this thread is worthless without pics" emoji would be fitting here. Enquiring minds want to know.
  15. Dam, now I'm going to have to watch all three of them again to try to figure out what's going on in this one. 🤦‍♂️
  16. Bit of a cheat to have a big GPS map of the Green Hell in your face while driving it. Kind of takes away some of the drama, a bit like having a rallye copilot at your side to announce the next corner. I'd like to see what the battery level looked like after a hot lap and if there's enough juice left for another. The big question mark for me with EV cars on track is braking performance which is optimized for regeneration. Looking forward to the Evija getting it's day, hopefully Lotus will take advantage.
  17. Well, what usually comes up in response is the old adage of "If you have a £100 head, get a £100 helmet" What you get may also depend on who's putting on the track day and what they require. Read their fine print as it's also a liability issue on them, too. The above helmet is DOT approved (really just a minimum for street legal or recreational use) only and in some ways has potential for worse damage to your melon in event that you actually need it. Although just a "track day," you'll be at speed and should invest in at least an entry level motorsport helmet. Look for FIA and/or SA ratings. The right tool for the right job. Entry level still has a price but you don't need to go full CF and bells and whistles. A couple below on Demon Tweeks site seem reasonable as such. As a rule on track work, competitive or otherwise, don't skimp on brakes, tires, or safety equipment. BTW, on the Sparco USA site for their Club X1 helmet, it notes: "Not for Competition or "track day" use" Other than that, the track day people also may have minimums on clothing, shoes, etc. Usually full coverage pants, shirts, and leather shoes. Gloves are nice for sweaty palms. A simple FR cotton suit is handy and economical. Sky's the limit on gear of course, depending on your level of addiction. Something like this is a step up from your Levi's: Good luck and have fun using your Lotus as designed!
  18. Wot, 9 hours in and still no "Likes" on this post? 🤔
  19. Same car, now for sale From project to finished and for sale in two years, not bad. (probably could merge with this thread )
  20. Maybe they, too, should give out badges under the circumstances rather than trophies. FIA logged a race under the unusual circumstances (this last happened when?) as they had the rules to do so and followed whatever influences they had to do so. Safety car laps count after a green light and apparently they count without one as well. The two-lap rule was established for a reason, sometimes you don't know how crap a rule is until it gets applied. Moving on, they can change the rules. Red Bull are conspicuously silent, of course, and all others who have reasons to not like the outcome are not. And so it goes. None of that prevents the promotors, track, FIA, teams, and/or whoever else from making amends. That does have some some precedent in the "Indygate" tire debacle though it was mainly Michelin that ponied up some compensation and refunds. If they want to figure out what to do about $hit weather and cancellations, they should just talk to the WSBK and MotoGP folks who try to race at Phillip Island.
  21. The mantra will be: "well, that's only 500 out of 20,000..." But, the way it works is each one infects 2 or 3 more, and they each do the same and so on and so on... voila, another surge 🤦‍♂️
  22. I'll leave it to those on your side of the pond to reply for details. Common brands in the States are Suntek, Xpel, and 3M. The quality nowadays is really quite good: strong, durable, and color stable. Just ask around a reputable vinyl or detail shop and they can help you out. If expertly applied an/or removed, it really shouldn't damage the paint. Good luck and post results. 👍
  23. If you truly want protection rather than bling (no pun intended ) paint protective film would be your best bet overlapping the edge. The stuff nowadays is quite tough and virtually invisible. You could even apply a plate over the top but the edge would still be protected from your wellies.
  24. BMW M12/13 was also no slouch in the orgy of turbo power, and from the humble origins of the M10 block. Love Lotus but will always have a soft spot for the clean, elegant lines of the BT52, thanks to GM.
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