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  1. Lotus Esprit (2000) Date Added: 10 January 2010 - 10:21 PM Owner:'>JetBlue Short Description: None Provided'>View Vehicle
  2. There was one that recently sold on ebay for $5.00 USD. I recommend asking the higher bidder if he/she would be willing to part with their extra.
  3. Thank you Paul for the suggestion and Patrick for the picture. My speedo was doing jiggy hop ever since I purchase my car two years ago. I simply chalked it up to build quality since each Esprit is hand made. After stumbling across this thread, I figured it wouldn't hurt to check. I pulled the fuse clearly pointed out in Patrick's picture and sure enough - it was blown. A quick 5 amp fuse replacement and my speedo is behaving like it should. Wish all repairs were this easy. Thanks again!
  4. Bob, There is a very good chance that you wouldn't need to cut holes in the firewall. Even the last Esprit has them ( You should be able to verify the existence of the holes without peeling up the carpet by pressing firmly on the carpet behind the seats where they are suppose to be located.
  5. I recently installed a subwoofer system into my 2000 Esprit that looks factory stock. It may not be the best system out there, but it does do a respectable job at handling the mid-low end range of the audio spectrum. What I did was install a performance sound system from a 1986-1988 Pontiac's Fiero GT. The Fiero's performance sound system is a cleverly designed amplifier that receives its signal from eight speaker wires and draws it's power from the radio's 12v power antenna line. There is no need to run separate wires from the battery. The amp is very small, runs cool and is able to fit inside the Esprit's cramped radio cavity by positioning it vertically to the left of the SRS control unit. The Fiero Subwoofer intensity control slider switch, which is typically located in the Fiero's dome light, was replaced with a rotary 20k pot w/lotus knob mounted in the Esprit's center console in the hole reserved for the non-USA window override button. For the subwoofers, due to the Esprit's extremely shallow firewall speaker cavities (<2"), I chose Earthquake's SWS-6.5X and they just barely fit the stock factory holes in the firewall. For the sub grills, I used the ones from Alpine's discontinued SPS-1729 (6.5") speakers since they visually match the rest of the car's stock speakers. I was pleasantly surprised that no modifications were necessary to make Alpine's grills fit over the Earthquakes subs. Even the four mounting screw holes of the grill's mounting ring aligned with those of the subs! Be forewarned that the speaker grills for Alpine's SPS-1629 speakers may visually look like the SPS-1729, but are actually smaller by
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