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  1. Thanks guys I figured it was something like that. I was looking at it and thinking. "hmmmm, if I had some kind spacer"....... I tired to post a pic but the file was probably too large..
  2. Had a blowout this morning at 80mph. Sudden complete tire failure due to a screw and low pressure. Lots of smoke but the car was very controllable. It was the right rear. But then when I went to put the spare on and it won't clear the brake caliper! wtf? The front brake caliper is even larger so I am pretty sure it won't fit that one either. It looks to be the original spare....? I had to go gat a used 18" tire and get it mounted to my car off the side of the road. Am I missing something here?
  3. I am having the exact same issue. I am leaning toward vapor lock.
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