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  1. The death rate varies from year to year, more so from month to month and quite a lot week to week; in the first 11 weeks of this year we were had over 5000 less deaths than the average of the last 5 years.
  2. I hope the patient was told you're getting treated by the assigned nurse / doctor or not at all. Zero tolerance for abusing the staff is what's required.
  3. If you do a google search for "repairing fibreglass bodies" you should find the first returned link is for a PDF of an extract taken from Practical Classics & Car Restorer that gives a detailed description of how to repair them.
  4. I think it is doubtful the coolant temperature sensor is causing the problem as it would probably be giving an error code too. It's still worth checking you didn't disturb its connector though. A more likely cause is an air leak from the plenum cover so I'd be looking at that again along with the boost gauge hose take off and the hose connecting the IAC valve to the plenum as that was close to where you were working on the chargecooler pump.
  5. If that's the quarry lake I think it is it then it regularly gets dyed black to put people off from swimming in it. People ignore the warning signs about how dangerous it is (highly alkaline).
  6. I'm good thanks, the MR2 needs some attention with some recent niggles like a caliper sticking and intermittent door lock problem.
  7. Regarding your original query it depends on whether the diagnostic tool / software is capable of ALDL diagnostics (some of the professional tools are) and how the ALDL to OBD-II cable is wired. If both tool and cable are suitable then the next hurdle would be whether the Esprit is supported. I expect that it would not be because, AFAIK, its datastream is unique to the Esprit.
  8. The Service Notes state Loctite 518 for the main casing assembly faces and Wellseal for the 5th gear housing gasket faces. Loctite 5188 is generally recommended nowadays instead of the 518.
  9. The interior fans are fed from fuse 3, should be 20 amp I believe.
  10. If you are self isolating can you get the car MOT'd and not drive it for 10 -14 days? Get the car collected and delivered back to your home.
  11. What internal diameter does the 4.5 mm O ring need to be?
  12. @tomcattom When I saw that picture I thought the same thing and it had a kind of retro look about it.
  13. I was wrong when I said before the interior lamp delay unit must be the culprit. There are PUR/WHT wires from the door switches and the interior lamp switch that are commoned at the interior lamp delay unit socket. This means if either door switch is faulty and shorting to ground the lamps will illuminate. I would check those next.
  14. The Loctite 572 datasheet says to use localised heat (to about 250 dec C) for disassembly and removal of the cured sealant can be done by a 'combination of soaking in Loctite solvent and mechanical abrasion such as a wire brush'. I wouldn't want to scrub the liner bores with a wire brush.
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