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  1. The resistor module (only used on the single SIR system) is located on the scuttle beam between the steering column and the DERM. The error code 21 description you gave is for the dual SIR system which means the Service Notes pages above are not applicable if you have the dual SIR system.
  2. I don't know who told you it couldn't be done but it may have been because of the extent of the damage. There's a list of some white metalling specialists here:
  3. When I checked the bearing clearance with Plastigauge it was spot on.
  4. They weren't the insert type. The bearing surfaces in the head and the camshaft caps were built up with white metal and then they were bored and honed to give the correct bearing clearances. It was done at Service Exchange Parts in Kegworth, Derbyshire.
  5. I had the camshaft bearings in a Toyota head white metaled a few years ago and, whilst I cannot remember how much, the cost was quite reasonable.
  6. How bad is the damage to the housing? Could it be repaired by white metaling it?
  7. This thread could really do with being forked into three separate threads. A QDM fault is caused by two things: Too much current being drawn (e.g. a coil being shorted or the circuit demanding more current than the quad driver can handle) The voltage at the output pin being too low or zero (e.g. open or grounded circuit) when the output is commanded off.
  8. I can confirm the 16149396 ECU is not a suitable replacement the the Esprit's ECU as it only has one injector driver. It would be OK for salvaging parts, such as the four connectors, from it though.
  9. The 16149396 ECU may not be a suitable replacement as it has some different IC's on its circuit board and it looks like it has only one injector driver.
  10. Is the wire still there? If so, where's it going and is it shorting out to ground?
  11. Try disconnecting the GRN/PUR wire that connects the brake switch to the ABS unit.
  12. If you can get a datalog of when it stalls that may help with figuring out what is going. A datalog from Espritmon or TunerPro would be preferable to one from Freescan.
  13. It is hard to tell from the photos but is there the remnants of copper grease on the bushes? If so, I hope the fitter has not used that as a lubricant to aid fitting them. Any lubricant must be the sort that dries and doesn't become a lubricant again when it gets wet as otherwise the bushes will not function as Lotus intended.
  14. It is unlikely to be a fuse as the backlights for the gauges would not work either because they are fed from the same splice. Check the black ground wire in binnacle harness connector C.
  15. The wire is ORA/BLK from the ECU to the engine management harness connector (EMHC) and then changes colour to ORA/BRN from the EMHC to the rear harness connector (RHC) and onwards to the binnacle harness connector (BHC).
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