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  1. Bear in mind if you are following the brake bleeding procedure in Service Notes Section JF that it is written for a LHD vehicle and the order of bleeding the calipers and isolation valves is different for a RHD vehicle.
  2. The book times for some of those items are: Clutch - 6.5 hrs Radiator - 3.0 hrs Condenser (incl. recharge) - 4.1 hrs Brake discs - 0.5 hrs (front), 0.7 hrs (rear) Brake pads - 0.5 hrs (front), 1.1 hours (rear) Suspension (dampers / springs) - 1.0 hrs (font), 0.5 hrs (rear) Exhaust 0.5 hrs (add 0.5 hrs per catalytic convertor) Fuel tank - 6.0 hrs (RHS), 8.0 hrs LHS
  3. Cells 16 - 19 are the four idle cells that are used for combinations of park/neutral vs drive and A/C on vs A/C off. As there is no park/neutral switch on the Esprit the 'drive' cells are not used.
  4. In your 2nd photo for the passenger's side where you say you could only get 0°53' when all the shim plates are at one side you have the upper wishbone arms swapped over to how you have them on the drivers side.
  5. Mixing suspension components from different years is likely to have unexpected results. A 1.5 mm castor washer / shim on the SE causes almost 1° of change in castor but on the S4 onwards it is only approximately 0.4°. I suspect the chassis tube for the upper wishbone stud could be different. Also, the S4 onwards does not specify using a minimum 1.5 mm washer between the upper arm and chassis but a 5 mm clearance instead.
  6. You may find a mix of sizes, mine is like this where the some of the originals were replaced with larger rivet nuts. They were falling out and the holes had ovalled so the holes needed drilling out and larger ones fitting. Is a loose undertray the cause of your noise?
  7. Yes if your GP is called Harold....
  8. @Buddsy When looking at the Technical Briefing 17 document and the number of deaths bear in mind that the deaths being reported are for any one who has died within 28 days of positive specimen date. This means those deaths may not be from Covid-19 and you would naturally find the number of deaths in the 50 plus age group exceed that of the below 50 age group.
  9. Are you sure it is a sleeve and not just excessive liquid gasket that has oozed into the bolt hole?
  10. The tubes used in the chassis are to BS6323 ERW3.
  11. Probably a bit late for this now but I would be wary of any chip that states it's suitable for an SE, S4 and S4s. The S4s has quite a different volumetric efficiency than the SE and S4 (up to almost 13% in some places) and the fuelling will be off because of this.
  12. Can I use diesel in the Esprit then?
  13. Off topic - Giniw, I just tried to send you a PM but I got an error message Giniw cannot receive messages, is your inbox full?
  14. 0.2° is equivalent to 0°12 as both are 1/5 of a degree (there are 60 minutes in 1 degree). Use the geometry settings for your vehicle as some of the suspension components are different on the S4.
  15. Disconnect the ball jointed links and see if the pods move freely up and down. If they do then the issue is probably the motors.
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