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  1. It's called a support stay, duct to chassis. It was beefed up as a triangular brace on later models.
  2. Sometimes it is not possible to just re-arrange the front shims; for example if you have 4 no. 3 mm shims fitted and you only need to adjust by 0.4 degrees you will need a couple of 1.5mm shims.
  3. It depends on how much they charge (and how far away they are) as to whether taking spare shims is worth while. You have to factor in how long it takes to swap and move around the shims so it may be cheaper to get the initial alignment done and then make any shim adjustments yourself with a return to tweak the alignment afterwards.
  4. Assuming they have the same diameter and fixing holes!
  5. The inspection of the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for cars applies to those first used on or after 1 January 2012.
  6. I doubt resetting the ECU will affect the TPS. Usually an ECU will read the TPS position at key on and and use that value to deduce the relative throttle position. The ECU will update the closed throttle position value to a lesser value if it subsequently finds it to be less than the previous read. Observe the TPS voltage position as you slowly open the throttle, you will probably find the reading erratic or it stops increasing part way indicating a faulty TPS.
  7. See this thread All for less than £20 worth of seal and O ring
  8. If the 150 A fuse has blown then all the electrics will be dead.
  9. I would measure the coil resistances and check for myself as the number of times I have been sold parts and been told they are the same only to find out they are not. I have just looked at the datalog you posted before and that shows 11.3 - 11.4 volts at idle. Hopefully you have found the source of all your problems.
  10. The part number for the brown Siemens relay is B082M6182F.
  11. It's my post on page 1 about there being a TSB stating to use a Siemens relay for the primary fuel pump relay and ignition relay. I cannot recall if it gave the part number for the relay (it probably did).
  12. The V8 camshafts have less duration then the 4 cylinder camshafts which could mean some of the air charge is being lost out of the exhaust on the 4 cylinder. Also, the 140 psi quoted for the 4 cylinder is the minimum pressure whilst the 155 psi quoted for the 8 cylinder is +/- 15 psi which means the difference is not necessarily 17.4 psi.
  13. The cylinder capacity does not affect the compression pressure. For a given mass of air, if you compress it to half its original volume the pressure will double providing the temperature remains the same. It does not matter if the air mass occupies a volume of 1 m3 or 1 cm3, see Boyle's law if you want to know the theory behind it.
  14. I cannot help with V8 compression pressure readings but on a couple of 910 engines cylinders #2 to #4 were about on spec. but cylinder #1 was down by about 20-30 psi. Both ran all OK though.
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