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  1. The same Tech1 cartridge is used for both the 4 cylinder and V8 which suggests they are the same system.
  2. They are a reasonable price from SJ, not sure what the shipping to you would be like though.
  3. Some of the engine bay items that are obviously missing: Plenum cover Diffuser Chargecooler outlet hose Chargecooler & one mounting bobbin IAC valve TPS IAT sensor Primary injectors Secondary injectors Fuel rail with FPR The Memcal is unique to the Esprit and cannot be substituted by one from another GM ecu. I would not bother putting an aftermarket chip in the vehicle until the original poor running issue is sorted out along with any other problems that get found along the way. If there is any serious concern about malicious behaviour I would not turn the engine over until each cylinder and inlet tract has has a borescope inspection. I would change the engine consumables too.
  4. sailorbob

    S4 timing

    Installing a camshaft pulley backwards changes the cam timing by 10 degrees.
  5. I always use a ceramic based paste sure as Mintex Ceratec or Permatec 24125 and don't have an issue with squealing. The effectiveness of a brake lubricant to counteract squealing will of course depend on whether the noise is caused by the brake pad against the caliper or the disc. Do not use copperslip or similar as those type of greases tend to rot the caliper dust and guide seals.
  6. sailorbob

    What do BLM cells represent?

    There are 20 BLM cells (their numbering starts at zero) and the first 16 represent various ranges of RPM and MAP. The breakpoints of these ranges are: As an example, BLM cell #6 is used for the ranges of 2800 - 3600 RPM and 0.70 - 0.95 bar . The remaining 4 cells are used for idle engine speeds when the A/C is on or off and the same when transmission is in drive or park/neutral. As the Esprit is a manual transmission gearbox without gear switches only two idle BLM cells are used. BTW, did you ever extract a copy of your 0x1497 PROM?
  7. sailorbob

    ECU 1228708

    A Memcal with an EPROM fitted (labelled WCEngineering non-SE code) is shown in the second photograph in this post
  8. sailorbob

    ECU 1228708

    A datalog (preferably from Espritmon or TunerPro) of when the stalling happens may help reveal what's causing the problem.
  9. The requirement for checking front fog lights only applies to vehicles first used on or after the 1st of March 2018 (section 4.5.1 of the MOT inspection manual).
  10. For the sake of a couple of roll pins I would knock the old ones out and fit new ones as the bore of the output shaft should be filled with Silastic before the drive shaft is refitted. That said, you could try just sealing the ends and seeing if that works first.
  11. sailorbob

    Door lock actuator

    The LHS and RHS are different, it's not a matter of the side it's from but whether it's the drivers or passenger side (i.e. a RHD car drivers side is the same as a LHD car drivers side). It's all down to the configuration of the two microswitches inside the actuator.
  12. sailorbob

    Engine Stalling At Closed Loop

    Shortly after starting the engine when the HEGO sensor shows > 1 volt disconnect it and see if the voltage drops to around the 0.46 volts range. If it does then that would most likely indicate a sensor problem rather than a wiring short.
  13. sailorbob

    Engine Stalling At Closed Loop

    The HEGO sensor values do not look OK. When HEGO value changes from its 'HEGO Initialisation Value' (aka KO2FF0) parameter value of 0.46 volts it jumps to over 1 volt and stays there until the engine is restarted (whereupon it gets reset). Because the sensor is continuously reporting a rich condition the ecu ends up pulling over 60% of the fuel thereby causing the stall.
  14. sailorbob

    Engine Stalling At Closed Loop

    Yes. Check the sensor and its wiring.
  15. sailorbob

    Engine Stalling At Closed Loop

    When the ecu determines closed loop operation is permitted the HEGO sensor shows a rich condition and the integrator reduces the fuel to try to get the HEGO sensor to switch lean. As the HEGO sensor remains indicating rich the integrator keeps on reducing the fuel to such a point that the engine stalls.