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  1. S4s shocks

    Use the lower groove, it'll look far to high on the upper groove.
  2. Service Notes section TDI lists the 'Belt tensioner retaining nut' torque setting as being 34 - 41 Nm or 25 - 30 lbf.ft.
  3. The TK (also marked TKF on some wiring diagrams) is not a permanent +12 v feed, it also gets tied to ground via the door switches to activate the courtesy light.
  4. Time to start explaining

    There is a spacer fitted to the inside of the original bearing that needs swapping over to the new bearing.
  5. Time to start explaining

    A correction to my earlier post, it looks like AZYM (PROM ID 1479) was fitted to the last of the SE and the first of the S4 cars and a printed label stating '16181479' was stuck over the original GM part number. The BCFR code is for the S4 and must have been adopted once GM started manufacturing specific ECU's with the 1479 PROM. I suspect that the S300 was produced in such limited quantity that GM didn't manufacture specific ECU's for it and Lotus just took a S4 ECU off the shelf and reprogrammed it for the S300. The only other S300 ECU I've seen a photograph of was in an old TLF advert that that had a BLFZ code (fitted to the last of the S4 cars). It'll be interesting to see the binary file from it but I don't have another S300 file to compare it to.
  6. Time to start explaining

    The mystery deepens, BCFR (PROM ID 1479) was fitted to the last of the SE and the first of the S4 cars. EDIT: see my correction below.
  7. Time to start explaining

    @Barrykearley No idea, I wonder if someone has erased the original EPROM and reprogrammed it. What's the BCC and the 8 digit GM part number (usually on it's own on the third line) on the casing label?
  8. Derek,


    I need to change the cam pulleys to "green dots" on US S4-s.

    You're an electronics Champ, so you probably know this.

    I don't know whether the ECU will be able to cope with the green dot cam pulleys change  w/o a remap.  A European Sport 300 map would probably be the ticket since those cars came with green dot pulleys from the factory.

    Your thoughts?

    PM me on [email protected]





  9. Ian's S4s refurb

    Have you driven a M100 Elan?
  10. If the hazards are flashing when the hazard switch is pressed then I do not think the hazard switch is at fault, it may be a poor earth. I would disconnect the switch and short pins 4, 5 & 6 together and pins 1 & 3 together on the connector and see if that makes a difference. For the indicator stalk, try disconnecting the switch and short pins 49a & 49aR (right hand indicators) together and pins 49a & 49aL (left hand indicators) together on the connector to see if the switch is faulty.
  11. Clutch pedal adjustment

    Maybe that is an after-market push rod for the Citroen gearbox? They are different to the Renault gearbox push rod and different to the one in your photograph.
  12. Clutch pedal adjustment

    See my second post.
  13. I thought it was this guy but as the website hasn't been updated in a while I may be wrong. Sorry.
  14. S4s shocks

    Regarding Bilstein rebuilds see
  15. IIRC the guy who makes the clear/clear lenses also makes amber/clear lenses too.