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  1. Time to start explaining

    A solenoid fault should show an error code. Have you tried using Espritmon to cycle the solenoid?
  2. Bilstein Shocks

    I think the deformation of your bush is due to over-tightening of the top nut. The service notes state 'nipped' which I suspect results in less torque necessary than your 24 Nm.
  3. Ian's S4s refurb

    The electronic speedometer on the 4 cylinder models gets its signal from the engine management ecu.
  4. Turbo clocking woes

    Unlike the turbine housing the exhaust housing often sticks due to the rust and heat. You may need to separate it from the CHRA rather than trying to rotate it. Soaking the junction with a 50/50 mix of acetone and automatic transmission fluid will help.
  5. Bilstein Shocks

    IIRC I put the more rounded side of the bushes facing towards each other as they sat better that way.
  6. Bilstein Shocks

    The washers that came with my LOTAC suspension were supplied in the YZP finish.
  7. As the engine warms up it expands and increases the tension on the cam belt. I install the belt to the lower range of the frequency and then run the engine briefly until the coolant gets to about 20 deg C, then check the tension and adjust if required. Then, as Steve said above, I recheck the tension when the ambient temperature is with the specified 15 to 25 deg C range.
  8. Bilstein Shocks

    For 'nipped' I just tighten the nut until the thread runs out and then give it another 1/8 to 1/4 turn.
  9. Bilstein Shocks

    No idea what the counterbore is for. The dished washer is installed as per the OE dampers. There is not torque setting for the damper top nuts; the lower nut is 'nipped' whilst the damper rod is held and the spring compressed and the lock nut is then tightened.
  10. S4s shocks

    If you use the upper groove you'll find the ride height looking far too high. There are plenty of posts on the forum about the lower groove still resulting in the car looking too high.
  11. The non USA S4s uses the P625.3103.009AF isolator.
  12. The A082D4122F spacer is for the lower spring seat. Also, above, I fat fingered the part number for the rear spring top isolator, it's A079D4028F not A079D4038F.
  13. A082D44122F is a 12 mm aluminium spacer used on 1988 - 1992 and V8 models. The early S4 and USA S4s isolator is rubber and 23 mm thick. The later S4 and USA S4s use the same isolator as the S300 (part number P625.3103.009AF).