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  1. sailorbob

    89 SE vs. Non-SE Oxygen sensors

    The original part number B910E6930F has been superseded by part number B918E0322F.
  2. sailorbob

    89 SE vs. Non-SE Oxygen sensors

    For the loom side, the Delphi connector part numbers are: 1 no. 12015798, 4 no. 12124580, 4 no. 12089679.
  3. sailorbob

    89 SE vs. Non-SE Oxygen sensors

    The part number is the same for all the vehicles using the Delco ecu. It sounds like someone has changed the OE sensor and it's connector for a different one on your car.
  4. Another order confirmed by email, many thanks again Bibs 👍
  5. sailorbob

    Caliper bolt?

    I have one (M12 x 55 mm flanged E14 head) you can have for the cost of the postage (about the same as the bolt if I can keep the weight down to 100 g and use Royal Mail international standard posting), pm me if you want it.
  6. Just make sure it is the correct lubricant (e.g. P80 emulsion) and not something like copper grease.
  7. sailorbob

    labour time for b service.

    That's the engine bleed. They probably found it was seized too and slackened the Jubliee clip on the adjacent hose and lifted the edge with screwdriver to get the air out.
  8. sailorbob

    Thick Black engine earth cables

    As you found, the negative runs from the battery to the cylinder block earth point, just to the rear of the right hand engine mounting leg. The other lead joins this point on the block and runs to a chassis stud at the right hand side of the engine bay. I cannot recall the second lead being as long as 1 metre but there's definitely two bolted to the block.
  9. sailorbob

    MOT Emissions Failure

    Any air leaks in the exhaust system that would cause the lean readings?
  10. sailorbob

    V8 1998 clutch master cylinder

    If you cannot readily find a new master cylinder you could get it stainless steel lined and honed if it needs more than just the seals.
  11. sailorbob

    Low Engine oil light on idle only

    The minimum oil pressure at idle is specified as 1.4 bar so the switch needs to operate a little below that pressure.
  12. The 12 mm and 9 mm total shim and washer thickness is required to keep the upper wishbones arms parallel to each other. There isn't anything on castor setup other than what's in Service Notes section CF. There is a warning about having at least 5 mm clearance from the upper wishbone to chassis so I'm guessing Lotus expect some fore and aft rotation of the wishbones in use. Pre S4 the castor setup is slightly different; for example on the S and SE and the castor adjustment is done solely with the shim washers (minimum total washer thickness of 6 mm) and the shim plates are solely used to maintain a 6 mm difference between the total thickness of the the shim washers and the shim plates.
  13. It is wrong on the drivers side, the total thickness of the castor shim plates should add up to 12 mm in total. For future reference, the inboard castor shim washers should add up 9 mm. PS I'm happy for your item specific queries to go into new threads, it helps other people find them when searching.
  14. sailorbob

    Esprit rear Brembo calipers new or recon WANTED

    Lotus no longer list the Esprit calipers and lists the Elise calipers (without brake pads) as the replacement calipers; part numbers A082J6151F (old) --> B116J0081S (new) and A082J6150F (old) --> B116J0082S (new).
  15. sailorbob

    Brembo rear caliper

    The F 68 062 caliper is not the correct one because the support hole for the handbrake cable is different and the bleed nipple position is wrong. The F 68 088 caliper is not the correct one either as the bleed nipple position is angled at approximately 45 degrees whilst on the Lotus caliper it's roughly parallel with the brake hose inlet.