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  1. I suspect it's because most of them do not get bled properly
  2. There's a LH rear housing (less lenses) on eBay for £20 at the moment if that's any help, item # 113049425215. Or a pair for £33, item # 222981315201 .
  3. sailorbob

    SE High Wing C Service

    When the Delco Moraine ABS was brought in the rear calipers differed from those on the earlier non-ABS cars (not sure what the difference is but the part numbers changed) and these necessitated the rear limiting valve because, according to the service notes, the hand brake parking adjustment can be over adjusted if excessive force is applied. The service notes cite, as an example of excessive force, stamping on the brakes when stationary. This situation probably only occurs during the MOT 'brake line bulge' test or if you just did an emergency stop and the ABS was no longer in action. The design of the later Brembo calipers meant the limiting valve was no longer required.
  4. sailorbob

    SE High Wing C Service

    Deleting the rear limiting valve might cause problems with over adjustment of the hand brake mechanism in the calipers.
  5. sailorbob

    Air idle control valve

    Removed a 217-427 ISC valve on a GT3 yesterday and replaced it with a 217-421 ISC valve and instantly got rewarded with a smoother idle with less rpm variation.
  6. Here is the datasheet for them IC1 is known to sometimes fail. It also uses current sensing to cut the power when the motors stall due to the pod hitting the stops.
  7. sailorbob


    And the back of it looks like this?
  8. sailorbob

    Time to start explaining

    Window motors
  9. I don''t recall seeing that disc anywhere other than in Yasuo's photos.
  10. The ones Roberto and Yasuo used are the early wiper arms. The later arms also use aero style wiper blades.
  11. There are two types of pantograph wiper arms fitted to the 107 / C1 / Aygo; the main arm of the first generation model (upto 2014) is straight but it's angled on the second generation model (2014 onwards and the 107 was renamed as 108).
  12. Don't use WD40 to lubricate the locks, whilst it may help initially as it dries it attracts crap that makes for a grinding paste in the mechanism. Having the internal door release levers in the 'open' position when the doors are shut sounds like there's some kind of seizing/binding going on in the latch mechanism which is odd. As suggested above, try disconnecting the battery.
  13. Try some graphite lock powder in the drivers door lock (it's not worth trying the passenger lock due to the deadlocking). Being unable to turn the key clockwise much beyond 12 o'clock could be a sign of the lock needing lubrication.
  14. Has the car been stood a while? If so, maybe the battery needs charging.