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  1. sailorbob

    Oil temp sender

    See the photo in this post
  2. sailorbob

    Esprit S4 clutch

    I thought the SJ pressure plate was the same as the one from the Valeo 801299 kit.
  3. sailorbob

    Esprit S4 clutch

    The Valeo 801300 kit's clutch pressure plate is only rated at 5500 N.
  4. sailorbob

    Double clutching to select 2nd gear

    Yes, the original gaiters are NLA but the replacement can be improved upon. Using solid bushes instead of the rubber bushes will worsen the NVH characteristics.
  5. sailorbob

    Oil Pressure Oddness

    This thread suggests the OE sensors are either 0-5 bar or 0-10 bar and the parts manual range of 0-7 bar is incorrect. Also, that eBay sensor doesn't appear to be VDO as the vendor states 'VDO type'.
  6. sailorbob

    Double clutching to select 2nd gear

    The left cable is correctly positioned, it looks odd because the gaiter is missing the end that sits in the first (rearmost) groove on the cable. The gaiter ought to be replaced.
  7. sailorbob

    Urgently wanted

    How's your German?
  8. sailorbob

    Double clutching to select 2nd gear

    When the translator is fitted to the left side of the gearbox the cables cross over each other, i.e. the right hand cable at the gear lever master unit is fitted to the left hand side of the translator.
  9. sailorbob

    Double clutching to select 2nd gear

    It does not matter which side the steering wheel is, the gear change mechanism is the same regardless. In the gear lever master unit repair kit Lotus make (part no. A082F4208J) the isolator bush part number A082F6591S. No idea if it is the same bush as originally fitted.
  10. sailorbob

    Double clutching to select 2nd gear

    Prior to the S4 the translator was on the left side of the gearbox.
  11. sailorbob

    Double clutching to select 2nd gear

    Checking whether the cables move freely is easy when the boot floor is out like you have it, simply disconnect the cables from the translator. TBH, I would have thought that they would have done that when they were doing the cable adjustment.
  12. sailorbob

    Best oil and filter?

    Here's an excellent article on oil for the 9xx engine by Tim Engle on page 4
  13. A big thanks to Bibs and everyone else who helped organise and make it such a fantastic day. Great to meet some of the forum regulars too. Thanks too to chassis and structures designer Andy who was on his way home from Hethel when he saw us broken down after we travelled only 11 miles of the 113 mile journey and stopped to see if he could help. He took me back to his house to lend me some tools, then back to the car and finally came back a bit later to see if we had gotten the car fixed. Brilliant solidarity the brand brings out in people
  14. Many thanks Bibs, the tickets have arrived Is there a en-mass departure from Dunstan Hall on Saturday morning?
  15. Mine are rubber, part no. A079D4038F.