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  1. I haven't seen anything about a lemon so I cannot comment on that but the reports of clean swabs coming back as a positive result have been pretty comprehensively debunked.
  2. The PCR test is specific to the RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you do not get a positive result for other types of coronavirus.
  3. Apparently it is beyond the wit of our government; I saw on the news last night that they are going to increase the frequency at which they review the infection rates in other countries from every three weeks to weekly now
  4. If it is of any use to anyone, I have just weighed a Gates T104RB trapezoidal blue belt and it's 116 g (+/- 2 g).
  5. I do think the 14 day quarantine imposed on travellers returning from Spain has been handled in a very shambolic manner. Surely it's not beyond the wit of someone to analyse the data , look for an upward trend and if there's a projection that the rate of infection is going to be larger than is acceptable to only then advise that quarantine will be imposed in X number of days.
  6. The ECU only gnds the coil of the radiator fan control relay, the coil receives +12 V from fuse 21 on the SE.
  7. Yes, very sad news I've met Edward a couple of times and he was a thoroughly nice chap. Full of life and doing things you would of expected of a younger person, when we last spoke he was working towards getting a pilot's licence. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
  8. The Delco ECU fan on temperature is 92 deg C. Check the temperature the ECU is showing, the new sensor may not be working properly.
  9. I was just writing that a Certificate of Provenance from Lotus would hopefully show the correct paint code when your reply popped up
  10. sailorbob

    Sport300 #18

    From the Finding all Sport 300 and X180R thread: 29 RHD 33 LHD 3 unknown (numbers 3, 5 & 15)
  11. Copper is more cathodic than the aluminium or steel so it increases the chance of galvanic corrosion, this is probably what you read. I use an aluminium anti-seize in such instances.
  12. That's the thread, I couldn't find it. The specific post is this one:
  13. Somewhere on the forum, or on LotusTalk, there's a neat replacement for the trunking detailed that bypasses the silencer using a couple of silicone hose bends and an aluminium coupler. I think it was posted by MrDangerUS. Did you find the rat that feasted on your intake adapter
  14. On the boost pressure sensor one connection is to the boost pressure gauge and the other one is to GND. Usually pressure sensor connections are marked to suit this.
  15. I wonder if the lamp can be removed from a R509TCGY panel indicator as they have long leads too.
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