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  1. I have just done a rough calculation of how the change to an air source heat pump would affect a relatives energy bill. Currently about 30000 kWh of gas per annum is used to heat the hot water which costs about £981 (prior to the recent increase in energy prices it would have cost £740). On the basis that the modern condensing gas boiler is only 90% efficient this means that if the hot water was heated using electricity then this would use about 27000 kWh of electricity per annum. However as the typical efficiency of an air source heat pump is given as 300% this would drop to a third and be 9000 kWh. The cost of this electricity would be £1706 per annum (prior to the recent increase in energy prices it would have cost £1350). This means it would cost an additional £725 per year to heat the hot water using an air source heat pump instead of a gas boiler. Furthermore there is the capital cost of converting to air source heat pump. The current boiler is rated at 18 kW and on the basis the heat pump would be a two thirds smaller then a 6 kW heat pump would be required. From looking at the prices of 6 kW heat pumps they tend to start at around £3500 for the unit alone which is considerably more than £1500 it cost to have the gas boiler fitted less than three years ago. Additionally the property is a late 1950’s semi detached house and, whilst it has been improved with cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing, the radiators and associated pipework would need replacing with larger radiators and pipes to compensate for the reduced temperature of the hot water that a heat pump would be delivering.
  2. If you want to have a rough idea of how much an air source heat pump would cost to run instead of a gas boiler take a look at the cost of the gas in kWh you use per year and divide that by 3 (to allow for the average efficiency of a heat pump) and then multiple that by 5 (the typical difference in pence per kWh of gas and electricity). If you only use gas for heating water (i.e. no gas cooker etc) then you will also save on the daily standing charge for the gas if you have the gas meter taken out (you will have to pay for this to be done). For the average homeowner you are going to end up paying a lot more to heat your home.
  3. If you are using ARP head studs then follow the ARP recommendations. The different stud material, different upper thread size and assembly lubricant all affect the method of torquing. Be aware that there are different versions of the ARP assembly lubricant that require different torque values.
  4. They look like they could be wax crystals. Maybe the pour point depressants in the oil have degraded a little.
  5. If you want a bit more comfort when sleeping get a self inflating mat. A bit heavier and bulkier than a foam mat but they do make quite a difference.
  6. Is it the connector or the terminals you are looking for? If it is the terminals, they could be Rists terminals: 51101169 - 0.65 mm2 - 1.00 mm2 (brass) 51102269 - 0.65 mm2 - 1.00 mm2 51101170 - 1.30 mm2 - 2.00 mm2
  7. The '02 onwards rear lighting harness is still available (part number A082M5126F) and is pretty reasonably priced. It may plug straight into the main rear harness but could need the multi-plug changing to suit the pre '98 main rear harness as I don't know if that differs.
  8. The overall length of the replacement injector can vary a little bit and not be a cause of concern. The OE injector positions the O ring higher up into the fuel rail than most modern injectors. Having a reduced distance between the retaining clip groove and the upper O ring groove is not generally a problem on the Delco injection system because the bore for the injector in the fuel rail only has a short chamfer on it. A critical dimension is the distance between the bottom of the upper O ring groove and the top of the lower O ring groove on the injector. When inserted the upper O ring is pushed downwards and the lower O ring is pushed upwards and if the grooves are too close together then the O rings may not get seated deep enough to seal.
  9. I do not think they are Toyota sourced. If it helps, the outer joint on mine is marked: 7 152 12 01 76 021LOBRO43 90W GERMANY 2138
  10. The OE primary injectors are rated at 34.13 lb/hr (358.4 cc/min).
  11. You can sometimes still find the Bosch 1 220 522 011 as NOS, e.g. eBay item 194333277686
  12. I took mine along with some lengths of 3/8" OD, 22 SWG, 2668 psi working pressure 316 stainless steel tubes to a local pipe fabricator and he duplicated the OE pipes. He reused the original unions and it worked out cheaper than buying the pipes ready made.
  13. The best thing would be to check with Deves for their recommendation.
  14. Bear in mind if you are following the brake bleeding procedure in Service Notes Section JF that it is written for a LHD vehicle and the order of bleeding the calipers and isolation valves is different for a RHD vehicle.
  15. The book times for some of those items are: Clutch - 6.5 hrs Radiator - 3.0 hrs Condenser (incl. recharge) - 4.1 hrs Brake discs - 0.5 hrs (front), 0.7 hrs (rear) Brake pads - 0.5 hrs (front), 1.1 hours (rear) Suspension (dampers / springs) - 1.0 hrs (font), 0.5 hrs (rear) Exhaust 0.5 hrs (add 0.5 hrs per catalytic convertor) Fuel tank - 6.0 hrs (RHS), 8.0 hrs LHS
  16. Cells 16 - 19 are the four idle cells that are used for combinations of park/neutral vs drive and A/C on vs A/C off. As there is no park/neutral switch on the Esprit the 'drive' cells are not used.
  17. In your 2nd photo for the passenger's side where you say you could only get 0°53' when all the shim plates are at one side you have the upper wishbone arms swapped over to how you have them on the drivers side.
  18. Mixing suspension components from different years is likely to have unexpected results. A 1.5 mm castor washer / shim on the SE causes almost 1° of change in castor but on the S4 onwards it is only approximately 0.4°. I suspect the chassis tube for the upper wishbone stud could be different. Also, the S4 onwards does not specify using a minimum 1.5 mm washer between the upper arm and chassis but a 5 mm clearance instead.
  19. You may find a mix of sizes, mine is like this where the some of the originals were replaced with larger rivet nuts. They were falling out and the holes had ovalled so the holes needed drilling out and larger ones fitting. Is a loose undertray the cause of your noise?
  20. Yes if your GP is called Harold....
  21. @Buddsy When looking at the Technical Briefing 17 document and the number of deaths bear in mind that the deaths being reported are for any one who has died within 28 days of positive specimen date. This means those deaths may not be from Covid-19 and you would naturally find the number of deaths in the 50 plus age group exceed that of the below 50 age group.
  22. Are you sure it is a sleeve and not just excessive liquid gasket that has oozed into the bolt hole?
  23. The tubes used in the chassis are to BS6323 ERW3.
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