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  1. That's waaaay too lean; burnt exhaust valves comes to mind. I once had the FPR fail on my MR2, it took a long time for the turbo to stop glowing bright red.
  2. I'm not advocating leaving it de-catted, just not damaging a new one before finding the reason for the fuelling being so far off.
  3. I would not put a new catalytic convertor and lambda sensor on until the emissions results are close to reasonable for a non-cat vehicle. Remove the chip and see the effect of that first. The number plate light is still available but silly money at almost £50.
  4. The A132J0001S pads are marked PF6600X55XX-DS25HP if that helps. The pad material is slightly different to the DS2500 compound.
  5. Ian, the ribs of both the lower and upper lugs are thinner than the OE casting and are not tapered so they do not thicken closer to the body. Without some high mileage road testing or finite element analysis of the stresses to see if these thinner ribs are equal or stronger than the OE casting I personally would not want to risk using them on my vehicle.
  6. As Mike has kindly offered to coordinate any comments it is probably best to let him disclose them in this thread (if he wants to).
  7. Yes, when comparing the CAD file to a hub carrier there are unfortunately some concerning discrepancies. Rather than clutter this thread with items spotted is there an alternative way to compile and coordinate this?
  8. Thanks for posting the files. One item stands out, the tap drill size for the bearing mounting M7 x 1.0 mm thread is shown as 6.1 mm but for aluminium the general rule is to subtract the pitch from the diameter of the thread, i.e. it should be a 6.0 mm hole.
  9. Will the uprights be 6061-T6? If they are just the annealed 6061 grade then they may be quite a bit less strong than the OE uprights if they are cast in something like LM25TF alloy.
  10. This is what the inside of one of the runners looks like on the first batch made:
  11. You are giving conflicting information about the problem; in your first post you said there was no fuel but now you are saying there is fuel but there is insufficient fuel delivery and this is causing a lean condition. It is almost unheard of for an injector driver to partially fail so, if it were me, I would check the fuel pressure next.
  12. Have you checked the injectors are getting voltage?
  13. Not when you are comparing the value to that in Espritmon.
  14. The wastegate solenoid is not used just for overboost, see this thread Freescan incorrectly reports the MAP value too high.
  15. Error codes 26 and 33 should not affect the primary injector firing. Have you checked the injectors are getting voltage?
  16. Glad to hear it was only a warning, if you can be glad about such a thing. Take the hint and try to take things a little easier.
  17. Pin 2 is the common +V feed on the OE coil pack. Have you measured the resistances of the different coils to see if they are similar? It is hard to read but is the OE coil pack part number a Bosch 0 221 503 001? If so, that's a common coil pack fitted to several vehicles, e.g. the Vauxhall Omega.
  18. Hopefully they have addressed the issues with a vent hole being on the upper side of the starter motor, see the 'Final Note' here:
  19. The two MOSFETS I have noted as suitable replacements are the Siemens BUZ 10 S2 (preferable) and the Fairchild FQP20N06L but the Siemens doesn't seem to be readily available any more. The Fairchild can be bought from RS Components, Farnell, Mouser etc.
  20. As said before, the threshold gap is down to fire doorset manufacturer to specify and unsurprisingly this varies according to the manufacturer. e.g Forza Doors specify 6 mm, Leaderflush Shapland specify 10 mm for fire doors of less than 90 minutes and 5 mm for 90 and 120 minute fire rated doorsets. Incidentally the 2008 edition of BS 8214 recommended a maximum 6 mm gap before it was superseded by the 2016 edition.
  21. ECU failures are uncommon. Loss of both primary injector circuits is pretty rare but if the primary injector impedances are about 4 ohms then that is too high and will cause a problem.
  22. Fire doors should not have a 10 mm gap; are you thinking of Part F of the Building Regulations Approved Documents for ventilation? BS 8214 (Timber-based fire door assemblies – Code of Practice) defers to the fire doorset manufacturer for the threshold gap size but if the door requires smoke seals then it recommends that the threshold gap should be preferably fitted with a threshold seal giving a leakage rate not exceeding 3 m3/h per metre at a pressure 25 Pa or, if that is not possible, a gap of less than 3mm in height. BS 9999 (Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings) has the same requirements for smoke seals.
  23. Someone might be willing to use the Renault spline on their clutch so it could be trying there anyway.
  24. If you have not already done so it may be worth posting this on the GT40s forum.
  25. Quote: 'While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted. In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.' After I read those two sentences I did not bother with the rest of it. Whilst a lockdown may only have a slight effect on the Covid-19 mortality rate (and I am dubious about that claim) the purpose of a lockdown is to reduce the spread on infection. This thereby lessens the chances of the health care system being overwhelmed which, in turn, reduces the Covid-19 mortality rate. The lockdown also allowed time for the vaccines to be developed.
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