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  1. For that kind of money it's a shame it's not got the original cylinder head and, unless they been replaced, a few other non original parts.
  2. Just a guess but a couple of thoughts are: The door lock motor may not be moving far enough to engage the door lock. Possibly due to wear, lack of current etc. The door lock mechanism may be stiff and resisting the movement of the door lock motor.
  3. No experience of any of those but I use a Mahle KL158 on mine.
  4. Yes, you are correct, I forgot about the changeover relay on these circuits.
  5. Removing the solenoid will cause error code 26 because the quad driver will see this as an open circuit fault.
  6. An important thing to note is that the only type of lubricant that should be used to help install the bushes is a short term lubricant such as P-80 Rubber Lubricant Emulsion that does not revert back to being a lubricant when it gets wet. This is to prevent the bushes rotating in their housings when the vehicle is being driven.
  7. The solenoid key assignments in the ABS screen mode (press 'g' key to select the ABS screen) are: lf=left front rf=right front 1: lf hold on 2: rf hold on 3: rear hold on 4: lf release on 5: rf release on 6: rear release on 0: de-active current solenoid ! (shift 1): lf hold and release on @ (shift 2): rf hold and release on # (shift 3): rear hold and release on On the graphics screen you should see the status of the feedback from the solenoids change after a key is pressed. You should also hear the clicks. Do not keep a solenoid active too long so press the 0
  8. The dot is in the same place on both sides of the green dot pulley, i.e. it is on the same tooth. The 'IN' and 'EX' are cast in different positions on each side of the pulley.
  9. Are your leads all the same type? It may seem a daft question but the Magnecor Electrosports 70 & 80 wires have a resistance of 98 ohms per cm (3K ohms per foot) +/-10%.
  10. Magnecor give the resistance of their KV85 wires as 72 ohms per cm (2.2K ohms per foot) +/-10%.
  11. I use the last build of Firefox ESR that works with XP (tweaked with various add-ons and config modifications).
  12. The upgrade isn't working for me. Some of the issues are I'm not getting any pictures (there's a 'spacer.png' in their place), the 'like' button is a grey circle and I cannot select certain things such as the reply box (I'm having to do this reply on a different PC). It's probably due to the usual problem of people not taking into account older operating systems (I like my heavily tweaked XP) and software.
  13. I fail to see how a device, or system, that reduces pollution without detriment to the engine or its performance can be seen as bollocks.
  14. Very broadly: Purge is in operation when the engine is warm, a minimum time since exiting crank has elapsed, there's a vacuum in the inlet manifold and closed loop fuelling is in operation. When the integrator is in an acceptable range the rate of purge is decremented when the HEGO indicates rich and the rate of purge is increased when the HEGO indicates lean. When the calculated dutycycle is above 85.5% (SE, other models may vary) then 100% dutycycle is used.
  15. I haven't seen anything about a lemon so I cannot comment on that but the reports of clean swabs coming back as a positive result have been pretty comprehensively debunked.
  16. The PCR test is specific to the RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you do not get a positive result for other types of coronavirus.
  17. Apparently it is beyond the wit of our government; I saw on the news last night that they are going to increase the frequency at which they review the infection rates in other countries from every three weeks to weekly now
  18. If it is of any use to anyone, I have just weighed a Gates T104RB trapezoidal blue belt and it's 116 g (+/- 2 g).
  19. I do think the 14 day quarantine imposed on travellers returning from Spain has been handled in a very shambolic manner. Surely it's not beyond the wit of someone to analyse the data , look for an upward trend and if there's a projection that the rate of infection is going to be larger than is acceptable to only then advise that quarantine will be imposed in X number of days.
  20. The ECU only gnds the coil of the radiator fan control relay, the coil receives +12 V from fuse 21 on the SE.
  21. Yes, very sad news I've met Edward a couple of times and he was a thoroughly nice chap. Full of life and doing things you would of expected of a younger person, when we last spoke he was working towards getting a pilot's licence. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
  22. The Delco ECU fan on temperature is 92 deg C. Check the temperature the ECU is showing, the new sensor may not be working properly.
  23. I was just writing that a Certificate of Provenance from Lotus would hopefully show the correct paint code when your reply popped up
  24. From the Finding all Sport 300 and X180R thread: 29 RHD 33 LHD 3 unknown (numbers 3, 5 & 15)
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