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  1. SJ's list it but it's a silly price for a small plastic cover (part no. C082M5026J).
  2. Yes, they just hang loose. You may find a tie-wrap or two restraining them to whatever is nearby but there is no termination grille.
  3. I do not think it is listed anywhere but as it is M10 sized like the pulley bolt I uses the same value.
  4. The terminals look like the ones used in Littel ATO 868 Series fuse holders. The terminal part no. is 09130900Z but it's listed as obsolete on the Littel website.
  5. Could you shim the ball joint so it sits away from its usual mounting face to allow enough room to fit the washer? e.g. move the pod ball joints towards to outside of the car.
  6. M10 x 1.5 No idea how I managed to type 10, that would be a bit coarse!
  7. The likelihood of the exhaust manifold to head studs working loose is very low if you install them with the recommended Permabond A025 high temperature retainer adhesive. The exhaust manifold to head studs are M8 x 1.25 thread and the exhaust manifold studs for the turbo are M10 x 10 thread.
  8. The 'remedy' is C-12 not S-12. The Opel documentation says to check fuse FV4 which supplies the power to pins 2 and 3 of the ABS ECU. The Lotus wiring diagram surprisingly does not show a fuse on the supply to pins 2 & 3.
  9. It was the throttle plate stop screw that needed adjusting on Shaun's engine a few weeks ago to fix the idle problem. The butterflies were open too far at closed throttle resulting in the IAC valve being fully closed (IAC counts = 0) and thus preventing the desired idle RPM being reached. When the engine is at operating temperature, the ECU is in closed loop fuelling and all electrical accessories are off the IAC counts should be about 30 - 35 to give the desired idle RPM at closed throttle.
  10. Travis, the catalogue is the Bosch 'Fuel Supply and Control' catalogue dated 2013 / 2014
  11. Ian, you cannot rely on Freescan to show whether it's going lean under load because you will be in open loop fuelling and the narrowband lambda sensor is not able to give the ECU feedback on the A/F ratio. Looking through a Bosch fuel pump catalogue the highest BHP engine I could find the 0 580 453 477 pump listed for is rated at 220 bhp. I personally wouldn't be happy with that pump. Travis, I am dubious about what Lotus state is the fuel flow for the stock fuel pump but it's what they give and I cannot find a verified OEM part number for the pump to check it. Regarding the fitment of different fuel pump to the S300 if I had to guess (which I dislike doing) I'd wonder if the pump was changed to cope with the increased fuel pressure regulator pressure that the S300 is reputed to have. I believe you are using a Bosch 69218 pump, is this correct? I cannot find the corresponding Bosch 10 digit part number for the 69218, do you know what it is?
  12. Are you sure the Bosch 0 580 453 477 is suitable? Bosch lists its flow rate as 105 l/hr at 3 bar. Lotus state the OE pump is capable of delivering 4 - 5 times the maximum fuel required at 3.8 bar.
  13. The fuel pump relay is controlled by the ECU. The simplest way to see if the ECU is the problem is to remove the relay and jumper pins 30 to 87 together in the relay socket and the pump should run. If it doesn't then you need to investigate the fuse, inertia switch, pump and associated wiring. Your aftermarket immobiliser could be wired into the circuit too.
  14. I do not know the grade or thread but the bolt for the later radius arm is M12 x 120 mm.
  15. Sorry Brett, I was looking in the wrong section of the Service Notes and the two thermal valves I described are for the '87 onwards engines. Does your engine have a throttle jack and/or air pump with divertor valve?
  16. There appears to be a shortage according to this article I guess whether you consider this to be a shortage depends on your point of view; have the manufacturers delivered in accordance with their agreements or has the vaccination programme been too ambitious in the the numbers expected to be vaccinated by a certain date?
  17. I doubt many people will distinguish between the government and an executive agency, especially as their staff are still civil servants. You will note I never said they have run out nationally. You seem determined to pick an argument and I guess the sarcasm in your various posts sums up your attitude to reasoned debate so I'm done with this thread.
  18. The government is responsible for the procurement and distribution of the vaccines. Using the data provided by the local health authorities on the number of 1st and 2nd vaccine doses administered the government knows how much is required and where to supply it. I never said it was and whilst I am naturally annoyed by it my main gripe is that they have run out. And, yes, the vaccination centre are aware of my mothers condition and have been since the before her 1st dose. No, we have many more than one 'bad case'. Read what I said about being informed many people were being turned away due to the lack of the Pfizer vaccine. Someone also told me today that one of their relatives has had their original appointment cancelled because of this.
  19. I think you may need to see if you can find any part numbers on the A082P4461F valve to see who makes it.
  20. The NA should have two thermal valves. The Ignition Thermal Valve is fitted to the centre of the inlet manifold water rail and below a coolant temperature of 60OC it directs inlet manifold pressure to the distributor for full advance to aid cold idle and drive-ability. The Cold Enrichment Thermal Valve is fitted to the rear of the inlet manifold water rail and below a coolant temperature of 35OC it bleeds off the crankcase breather to enrich the fuelling. The Service Notes also show a Air Inlet Temperature Control System that directs warmer air from a shroud around the exhaust pipe into the airbox when the airbox temperature is below 20OC. Any of these systems could cause running issues if they aren't working properly, especially by having an air leak.
  21. Here's a nice example of the government's ineptitude. I took my mother for her 2nd Pfizer dose today only to be told when we got there that they had run out. They said they called her to reschedule the vaccination but she said she didn't get any such call (not surprising as she has Alzheimers). They also told me that quite a few people had been turning up for their 2nd dose only to be turned away too. It's quite unbelievable that the government is so obsessed with the number games and getting headline grabbing figures for 1st doses that they haven't kept enough in reserve for the second doses.
  22. A082P4461F is an electric water valve and looks quite different to the carbon canister vent valve A082L6210F.
  23. A possible solution put forward on another thread was to use a Duralast VC117 canister with a separate Delco 214-565 purge solenoid. Unfortunately there was no conclusion as to whether it was tried and did or didn't work.
  24. As said above the rear toe is a pain to adjust and probably has been ignored. There's no excuse for not adjusting the rear camber unless the upper arms are seized. The front toe is wrong, it should be 0O12' +/- 4' toe out. The front castor is wrong too, it should be 3O12' +/- 12' and within 12' side to side.
  25. The high wing spoiler has a different part number (A082B5018K) to the SE spoiler (B082B4931J) so they are probably not interchangeable.
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