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  1. Dave has summed it up pretty well. Looking at the new lead work it is typical of how you will often see chimney flashings; see page 33 of this lead flashing guide and, in particular, the bossed apron, side flashing and bossed back gutter.

    The main question for me would be how far is the back gutter lapped under the tiles as this cannot be determined from the photographs.

    From the internal photograph the back gutter doesn't appear to have proper support as the timber boarding looks rotten / missing. As has been said above, the condition of the rafters needs investigating and the sarking felt is perishing too.

    It is a pity that the neighbour or roofer didn't approach your sister and explain what was going to be done and ask if she wanted her side done too as her flashings do not look to be in good condition and the side flashing looks like it may have been covered with 'flashband' or something similar (it's hard to tell).
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  2. The judge sounds like a right dick to me. I do not know what the sentencing guidelines were at the time of the conviction but the consultation guidelines certainly suggest a custodial sentence is not an automatic result of a conviction.
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  3. Not a lot to add about the creaking and pretty much as already said. Disconnecting the upper wishbone arms from the upper ball joint lets you check the upper ball joint and inner bushes very easily. You can also check the lower ball joint too. Checking the lower arm inner bushes is harder because of the anti-roll bar but removing the anti-roll bar to chassis clamps makes it easier and allows the bar bushes to be checked. The chassis clamps are easy to do on a ramp but avoid doing one side at a time because the twist on the bar makes it harder to align the clamps.

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  4. Ian, the ribs of both the lower and upper lugs are thinner than the OE casting and are not tapered so they do not thicken closer to the body. Without some high mileage road testing or finite element analysis of the stresses to see if these thinner ribs are equal or stronger than the OE casting I personally would not want to risk using them on my vehicle.

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  5. You are giving conflicting information about the problem; in your first post you said there was no fuel but now you are saying there is fuel but there is insufficient fuel delivery and this is causing a lean condition.

    It is almost unheard of for an injector driver to partially fail so, if it were me, I would check the fuel pressure next.

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