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  1. My other son Andrew (Paul's twin) has a restored 1951 series one Land Rover.

  2. Bibs - can you please sort out my membership - I have paid it about a month ago but computer satd no! Hope you are OK - enjoy your facebook entries. tonyc
  3. Nice pictures Dave, and good to see 100% attendance from the Thetford trio! tonyc (Paul's dad)
  4. tonyc


    Looks like a good turnout for Lotuses in general but only the three Thetford big boys in attendance. Nice pictures with classic east anglian evening skys. tonyc
  5. I have no problem admiring a well executed replica like yours Owen, it looks super and, I imagine, gives you great pleasure. tonyc
  6. Back in the 70's I ran a company which made the engine assembly trolleys for Lotus and Jensen ordered one from us. I took the opportunity to deliver it to West Bromwich myself so that I could get a look round the factory. The standard of paint finish was very high and plenty of molten lead was used to create a smooth finish. I was shown a black Interceptor destined for Frank Sinatra (that dates me!). It was sad when the company closed and I look forward to Top Gear's contribution to history. tonyc.
  7. Paul says he will be there tonight too - he is away from his computer right now so I will book him in ... 1. Bibs 2. Buddsy 3. Guy Munday 4. Nifty 5. Andy Clements 6. Owen 7. Newts 8. Richard 9. [email protected] watermill tonyc
  8. It is interesting to see the correction of spelling and punctuation treated in a friendly, lighthearted way. I have been tempted to bring the matter up in the past, but have resisted because it can look patronising. We seem to have strayed from Kimber's original subject, but it has provided amusing reading. tonyc
  9. We got our white Christmas at last - time to put the sports cars in the garage aNd use the 4x4! HaPPy new year! TONYC
  10. Happy Christmas to everyone on the forum. Thanks to Bibs and Laura for all their hard work! tonyc and [email protected] watermill
  11. Thank you all for your efforts. The change of reg is interesting, since it must have been considered good enough to put a special plate on! tonyc
  12. Roger - I made a mistake the old picture of my Daimler double six and my wife's XJS were from 1989 - 20 years ago not 10. As far as longevity in current Jags, my XJ6 is 15 years old with 150k on the clock, it runs beautifully and everything works. In answer to the other Roger, I do agree that the Esprit has a wow factor like nothing else. tonyc
  13. Dave - thanks for going to the trouble of checking with DVLA, I didn't know this was possible without a specal reason! The Lotus was well used when he traded it, so it may not have survived. Paul didn't retain the chassis no. tonyc
  14. I found these old c.1989 pictures recently and wondered whether the old Lotus still exists. It was my son's first Lotus. 1983 WPB 972Y Calypso Red S3 turbo. He swopped it for a family car! He now has a blue V8SE 2001 Reg V8 PLC - tonyc
  15. My old Jaguars from 10 years ago are, in my opinion, becoming classics. I now have a x300 XJ6 which will surely become classic too! Old pic shows son Paul's first Esprit. tonyc
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