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  1. Colin, Yes I can pick you up. hopefully Dave will be going in his car so I won't need to take him. I can easily come through Waton on the way. Should see you Monday at the Angel on the 9th, to comfirm, if not you can get me on 07712874811. Cheers all, Paul
  2. I will be there and I will bring along 'The Bitch' I will also phone up Dave Ward to see if he can make it.
  3. Now that the Christmas cheer & all that has past (bar humbug) its back to normality. Sounds great to meet up with the lads drink in Wymondam. Richard C if you get to mine before hand & we can both have a leisurely drive to the meet, last one there gets the beer in. Cheers, Paul
  4. Hello Allan, The Esprit V8 SE I crashed in early 2003 was built to my spec. Azure Blue with piped tan hide. I managed to track down a 2001 Colbalt Blue V8 SE with blue hide, later in 2003 as a replacement. I'm still driving the Colbalt Blue one to this day although it has had to have a new engine since I got it. This is the car in my picture with me and my son, Josh. I still think I prefer the Azure blue as a colour for the car but my Colbalt blue seems less common and a bit more subtle. Mayby one day when I can afford a respray. The new Persian Blue seen on the new Evora at the factory
  5. Yes, I paid over 60 for mine, two years before. then I wrote it off!
  6. In my enthusiasm to post the videos of my last Esprit's demise, I should have said that the accident happened in 2003. Thanks Bibs for pointing this out - I am ok! The accident happened on a straight piece of road. The back end suddenly slid out and sent me through a hedge and flipped into a ditch. I came out completely unscathed.
  7. This is my first V8 as featured on "Look East" And then this happened...:
  8. A big thanks to Bibs and the team for a fantastic weekend. I know dad had a great time (Tony C) and eveyone was so helpfull with him in his chair. It was great for us to put faces to the names and to meet all the characters. Looking forward to the next one, Thanks again team. Cheers, Paul
  9. Apolgies for the late reply, but I will not be able to make it on Tuesday. Have a great evening and hopefully I will see you all at the factory frolic. Cheers, Paul
  10. Hi Richard, You know where I live, so when you get to mine, we will go in convoy. Looking forward to the drive. Cheers, Paul Book In the two Thetford Boys.
  11. I also hope to make it. Richard if you fancy a burn up there together let me know. Cheers, Paul
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