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  1. So this is how it is playing out. Removing ALL electrics out of the way first, removing front window to get to the shearbolts for the ignition sorted, not sure how to drill them out. I will ask fellow members for guidence and a towel to cry in I suppose. I should also say it is a complete tear down so I'm not overdoing it just trying to figure out HOW to do it... Right door off today which has me dumbfound about the positioning of the wiring that runs to the door electrics, ALL of the three harnesses going into the door have one or two more broken wires... *?#¤//# british engineering!
  2. Hello all and greetings from Sweden. After having two kids and work issues kicking my sparetime in the ass over the last four years I am FINALLY getting to stripping the car. Here are my main concerns: Holy moses, how in the hell was this thing put in? I got the right outer bolt off, right inner I might be able to after an icepack on the head for a couple of hours but the left? Forget it!! I think the airbox is in the way and the steering column (which I need to remove the sheering bolts somehow). Can I ask that someone give me some tips here. I can reach the back bolts, just, but beyond that I just can't turn the rear bolt. I suppose the breaklight connections untop of the breakpedal have to go as well. I swear this car is fighting me bolt for bolt and I have reached a point where I need to start using the forum for mental support! Hahahaha /Rasmus
  3. In that blue print it is #112 it holds #111 and #113 in place on the spindle...
  4. #77 in the dellorto parts breakdown blue prnt. It holds 75 and 76 in place.
  5. I think it is called the "spindle star washer" it goes between the orhe side of the butterflyvalves from the bearing to help seal that side. I'll get the part number. The carb rebuilding book doesn't even mention them and Dellorto uk didn't send any info
  6. Anyone know if there is a guide to installing the star washer on the throttle axle? I just got two home after remiving a warped axle and I am stumped...
  7. Oki doki gents. Sorry for taking so long to do this but I figured I would link to my imageshack. There are two kinds of diagrams, the first has the fused radiator and the second has the fan thermal trip radiator. How to tell the difference? Take a look under the car by the fans in the front and if you have original wiring then, the the fused diagram is if you have brown/yellow wiring, if you have black/green and black wiring then use the thermal trip diagram. Here is the link it is public so it should help more people. If there are other diagrams needed I will just add them. Link to enlightenment ----> Electric Diagram fused fan Elctrical Diagram Thermal trip
  8. Need another night due a slipping disc, not easy to share when stuck in bed... =( I should be up and walking in a day or two!
  9. Just read this, give me tonight and I will take a photo of the diagrams I have and send it to who ever, or maybe post a link to it..
  10. Like the topic says, kid number two is now up and running around by himself leaving my finally time to start seriously on my 83 turbo. I am doing like Luc and changing it to a LHD. In lack of better words my old harness has been raped by previous owners and I am sick and tired of face palming. Is there anywhere, anyone that I could find to help me get a new harness or make a new harness for a 1983 turbo? Needless to say this would save me months and probably most of my hair. Best regards Rasmus
  11. Basically the question is, is there a way to fit a 5x130 to a 5x120 hub and not have the wheels stick out?
  12. I need some help from the experts in here. I have found some rims that the fronts are 15"x7" with an approximite 4.25" backspacing. The rears are 15"x8" with approx 4.5" backspacing. Bolt pattern are 5x130. Will these bad boys fit? Working on finishing the carbs at the moment abd therefor not up to speed on the wheels but by chance I might have to pounce on these. Thanks Rasmus
  13. Awesomeness ROLF! I just had all of my relatives over for a family "outing" and everyone was just looking at my car going "That is NEVER going to drive again!". Having moments like that and looking at a part disassembled car is shattering. Now to refocus and take it a small step at the time. Did you have that made by a firm or is that a over-the-counter tool? I am learning as I go along so my build will take some more years then others (since I am changing the steering from RHD to LHD as well). /R
  14. Awesome!! Xmas and new years along with a whole bunch of family stuff has me swamped looking to do this just on the other side of the new year. The rod that you have laid out there Rolf what is that? I am scared to death of breaking something and I am rereading everything like four times. /Rasmus
  15. I have paused until I get the book, I know it is on PDF file but Amazon was going to ship for me to have beginning of dec looks like march now so it looks like i will have to start off with the pdf file anyway. I am down to the butterfly shaft and the choke. Looks like a special tool to get into the choke. Family is taking up much time and I have burnt some mental fuses doing bumper removal etc... Next week I should be removing the first of the two with pictures and hopefully minimal amount of tears.
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