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  1. Too early to say about 360 but it was just for a change and yes it was hard walking away from the Esprit
  2. Dave, I dont think they have sold it yet. Yes the new Esprit looks very exciting and boy its been a long wait! I would take one after a year or two once the depreciation has already kicked in.
  3. Thanks Dave. I got a f360 but there will always be a special place in my heart and memories for the Esprit as I had a picture of one on my wall since I was a student and dreamed of owning one someday....... GT3 was a great light car and was a nice late 4 cylinder car.
  4. Well after 10 years and 4 Esprits 93 se high wing 98 Gt3 2001 v8 gt 2002 V8 I have now retired from Esprits. My last one was a lovely red anniversary model and is now for sale at Top Gear Cars in Scotland. Its not there on sale or return by the way as I sold it outright and I have no financial interest in the sale of the car - I just hope it goes to a good home where it is appreciated as I have always appreciated this great British Icon.
  5. BRG Esprit A34 Wilmslow 7 March. You were going around the roundabout near Wilsmlow heading south while I was in red V8 heading north.
  6. Hi Robert yes my car visits King Street quite a lot! I will try and make Feb meet Holmes Chapel. Just spotted this as I dont visit the forum very often so sorry for delay replying.
  7. Buy the newest one you can get and check the engine number with the factory so that you get one with an engine withy the new cyclinder liner sealent post 2001? I think else you may get a huge bill sooner or later if liners have not already been repaired.
  8. GTs are much quicker than SEs 0-60 4.1 0-100 9.5 per Autocar whereas SE are about 0-60 4.5 0-100 10.5 I have owned both and teh GT does feel quicker.
  9. That car is always there! Is it Tony Whitters old one?
  10. Whte Esprit SE? 1990 ish behind me in my red V8 Sunday on M56 I thought you were joining us at Club Lotus? and I think you are my ex garage lock up neighbour Steve?
  11. Good effort Robert. Hopefully we can get a few more to meet up soon.
  12. Guys didnt get a PM but just checked this thread to see the details. At that time on a Sunday morning I will def be in bed with prob too much alcohol in my blood to drive and Wales is a but far for me for a North West meet. Well done for organising something and I may get to see you guys around lunch time at the Club Lotus meet but the Grand Prix might keep me indoors. Have fun and drive safely!
  13. Nice 09 Evora silver outside M20 bar IN Didsbury Manchester Saturday night 9pm.
  14. Dave yep I have a "loud" no silencers V8 which is often in Manchester (King Strett) saturday mornings! I think I have spotted you a year or so ago as well on A34 by Parswood. Come along on 27th September Cheers Richard
  15. Red S4 outside the Didsbury pub in Didsbury Thursday evening about 7pm.
  16. 1.Robert Crooks 2.David Walters 3.Paul Roberts 4.Tony Chapman 5. Richard D
  17. Sorry to hear this. My father died two years ago but I feel he is with me every day.
  18. I nearly was killed in a V8 on black ice due to lack of traction control. What happened with yours ? (sorry I dont read the forums much and dont know the history) I have had 4 Esprits including a GT3 and am on my second V8 now. My 2002 V8 is not as quick as my V8 GT (due to different chip) but speed does not matter that much to me anymore as long as a car is pretty quick anyway. Having said that when you hit the higher speeds I dont think you will ever get a GT3 to get close to a V8 as bhp just takes over with most V*s kicking out nearly 380- 400 bhp. Dermots S4 is hugley modified but you know thats all a bit extreme for most drivers re budget and time. Onlt get a V8 if its post 2001 else you are likely to regret it IMHO with problems and bills. I drive my V8 with huge respect when it is not dry weather as no car is worth your life.
  19. 355 or Esprit - easy Esprit evry time! Rarer, looks better and goes better IMO! 360 or Esprit - not easy .....prob 360 just..or maybe not! Its a tough one Dermot but cars arent everything and the Esprit is a great car for the money.....
  20. I have thought several times about moving away from the Esprit and I have had 4 so far. I thought about getting a Diablo but - they now do look dated - they are a touch over the top for some occasions - the early ones are not a good drive IMO - the parts are very expensive and hard to source - I have driven alongside one at speed over long distances and it was no quicker than my V8 Esprit not that spped matters much to me nowadays I thought about a 360 - looks more modern than a Diablo - can be used a bit more everyday than a Diablo - similar performance to a V8 Esprit - better looking than an Esprit IMO - the ultimate badge - main dealer servicing a bit more than Lotus main dealer - high mileage is a problem on Ferraris re money - you need to foster a good relationship with a dealership in order to get good servicing at good prices oevr many years - drive aorund any major city and you will see more 360s than Esprits Gallardo - its a small Audi with clucth and other running costs/problems Murcielago - very pricey to run Not much else interests me In the end I find the V8 late Esprits to be -very rare -excellent value for money - drive them 10,000 miles a year and you dont have to think too much about costs unlike Ferrari and Lambo The 360s are tempting but for a very good dealership one its
  21. Super Dave completely unselfish helpful guy.
  22. Yes he was called Kevin. I was going to change it at first but now I just think its funny went I get out of the car and people say hi Kevin!
  23. Hello again Mark! Yes it was me looking at the totty on Kings Road and at Festival of Speed!
  24. Well I have recently got a mint 2002 V8 and have got to say that the performance is not as quick as the V8 GT. Both cars have been in A1 condition but the GT revs to 7500 (V8 7000) and is much quiker off the line 0-100 9.5 (V8 10.5). I guess Lotus detuned the V8s to spare th gearbox a bit via the ECU but I think I prefer the GT performance (but it needs traction control) Anybody else driven both and noticed the difference?
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