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  1. Whilst completely excellent, I cant believe it was all in one go, they would have needed about 40 fixed cameras to complete this video as one take. Still loved it though and maybe its the next task for James May!!
  2. Saw you on the A380 Kinsteignton, Devon at 1ish today, I was in the Esprit going the other idea if you saw me, but your car looked fantastic in the sun!!
  3. too much beer and blondes ! Of course under normal circumstances that is fine but not if you are representing your country in the world cup!
  4. In about 2 years the film will be released and then the version that appears on the screen will, according to movie law, become the actual facts of the case. So lets not speculate further till then.
  5. OK England.....who wants an Isle seat on the way home?
  6. I was just much do you think she will get for her story if she is released?
  7. I assumed it was some kind of sick joke
  8. "not Azure blue" !!! what? you don't want a fast one?
  9. You were lucky! a chap round here was killed a few weeks ago when he hit a deer and it came through the windscreen. Wife was next to him in the car and fortunately walked away but utterly horrific.
  10. Hmm foxy Knoxy! I can see the likeness
  11. I have been on commercial airliners that have nose cameras that you can view on the seat back monitor.....makes it much more interesting than just seeing the curtain that separtes me from the posh people floating back at strange angles.
  12. Hmm shame he cant invest some of it into not making my windows PC crash at important moments!
  13. I always liked the idea of prison oil rigs in the north sea, no chace of escape and vey nasty. I think the idea was in "face off" as well.
  14. I would love you to get an insurance quote to use it in a driving school !!
  15. I will be there! Will finish work at mid day and then hit the road,
  16. Wasn't the remake of the interceptor on Top Gear a few weeks ago.....and wasn't the price something crazy like £100K ?
  17. "I'm told that if you dont manage your sales forcecasts whats left of you will fit in a box this big!"
  18. And the winner is.......Phil! Tracking it was. MOT now passed. Kerching. As ever this is what makes TLF great. Shared knowledge and experience. Love you all
  19. the doubly annoying thing is that this is the first time its done it...all the other MOTs I have had have sailed through. I agree, an adjuster would be an obvious thing. no. absolutely standard setup.
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