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  1. Ok i never even knew they looked at this, but My S4s failed it's MOT on the nearside front wheel rubbing the wheel arch when the steering is on full lock. I have the right size tyres on the origional OZ wheels so how can this have happened? anyone got any thoughts, as I am scrathing myhead on this one. Thanks
  2. I'm a daddy !! 9.9.11 at 7.03pm Vienna Elise, speechless
  3. Only a very significant lottery win stand between me and my place on the list, but there is no way I'd get rid of the one I have.
  4. I have a baby that is now 1 day overdue, the sun is shining, so took the wife out for a last "only 2 of us" trip in the Esprit. Even after only a couple of weeks of not driving it I had forgotten how much I love driving it and what a rewarding experience it is, even if you are looking for rough roads to try and get the baby moving!! now 3 hours of banging out some great tunes on the radio! does it get any better?
  5. Red 4 pilot Jon Egging has been confirmed killed. It is reported that he did not eject in an effort to save lives of people in a nearby village. A hero to the end. We saw the team fly over Newton Abbot yesterday and as always people stopepd to look and it sends a shiver down the spine just to see them fly by. Lets hope the pen pushers dont try and use this tragedy as an excuse to close the team down.
  6. Blimey. I wish all problems were this easy to solve. The hardest part was getting the soft boss thing back on. At least it's all horny again! Hopefully that will get through the mot now
  7. Thanks for that. I am pretty confient that its just the contacts. Is it just a case of pulling off the lotus logo bit of the wheel and finding the offending bits?
  8. Looks like a good turnout....especially of yellow esprits
  9. I have a somewhat intermitant horn! I know the actual horn works as when the alarm is triggered it is fine, so I assume the button on the wheel is in need of some contact cleaner or something. Question easy is it to remove the wheel centre and find the offending bits to clean up. I have the MOT looming at the end of the month and I think its the only thing that may let it down.
  10. I am stuck in Devon looking after a 9 month pregnant wife and missing the show this weekend, and I have not seen a single picture of events at the show! is it that good that no one has had time to post them? Is there a picture ban so that those that attended can smile smugly that they have seen something the rest of us have not? Come on car paps! sort some out. I at least put on the uniform and went out to enjoy the Devon sunshine.
  11. wow! an amazing job. If you ever feel the need to do another interior, you are more than welcome to do mine!
  12. I beg to differ.....looking at the knuckle dragging half bred virmin inhabiting UK city centres streets at night these days I think you can take a few thousand off of you side. And to be fair if they agree with you.....nuff said!
  13. I wish I could get this many people to agree with me all the time.
  14. I was looking at the delapidated wreck of my brothers Golf and noticed that the reg starts P911. While the car itself is worth about £500 does anyone think the registration is going to be worth anything significant to a Porsche owner?
  15. Greetings and welcome to S4s ownership. by far the best of the bunch (blue touch paper lit and now retiring)
  16. Finally, all the wheels back on the Esprit with non deflating tyres, the sun is shining and all is right with the world! I am sure its only a brief oasis of calm before something happens but for a moment, i had a massive grin on the way home tonight
  17. If I had a full set of OZ Futuras from my S4s that needed some TLC but were fundamentally OK, what kind of value do they have second? I need to try and work out how much my cost to change to a new set is. and how many pounds I need to steal from old ladies on Torquay sea front to make it happen.
  18. Driving through Ongar, Essex on Saturday afternoon and saw a fantastic Exige in yellow with 2 White stripes, then round the roundabout and then a yellow M100, roof down and looking amazing. My reflex flash of the lights was greeted by a strange look and a laugh from the wife. I was in the mondeo. Typical
  19. Visiting the parents in Shenfield and this was parked down the road. Spotted card deployed.
  20. an airport and no wings!
  21. I'm in love. Anyone know Colin Weir? I need £110K
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