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  1. I am confused....several days have gone by and I have not seen a posting saying that you have bought the your net connection working?
  2. Hi Dan Welcome to the forum! congrats on the car and I believe pics are in order at this point !!
  3. I am only going on what the man said.....and the sun I used for lighting in that pic is about as bright as I could find at the time.
  4. Mr May's former Esprit was midnight blue. I f I was talked into a new one it would be Yellow. As mentioned previously the Esprit isone of the few cars that looks remotely right in yellow
  5. Could I encourage Startton to open a south west branch at somewhere like.....Exeter? I think the nearest main dealer to us now is Bristol about 100 miles away!
  6. Absolutely no comment. The last time I talked about cyclists I got into trouble with cycling action groups, Mps and councils., ended up having to make an apology and do a 40 mile bike ride as an act of good faith and no hard feelings. The actual question should be, "are cyclists too dangerous for the roads these days?" not to mention, no tax, insurance or I am not getting into al that again
  7. the Klingon bird of prey is real!!! This baby is good for Mach 4
  8. I think thats a good idea..... Actually with a few exceptions we seem to have taken it over anyway!
  9. Excellent!! Lovin your work. I have lots to learn. BTW you seem to get better rear view with that spoiler than I do on the S4s !!
  10. Went out for a spin today and found a collection of British masterpieces!!!
  11. There I was at work looking thorugh the local rag and with an artical about over crowded roads and a campaign to build a bypass look whats stuck in traffic! Reg looks like T52 XXXX
  12. wow !! that was quick. Dave is in first. will post if he cant sort it out. Thanks
  13. Normally if you read something like that the text then says "well now I got your attention...." In this case I genuinely mean in. The story is.... A couple of years ago my business took a lease on a storage unit and we rented some of the space to a local mechanic (who as it happens did a runner). we are pulling out of the unit and giving up the lease and obvioulsly need to clear out all the stuff thats in it. We have been left with a dismantled 2 pillar lift capable of dealing with 3 tonnes. At that point my tech understanding is at its limit. I am willing to give the lift to anyone who wants it and is prepared to come and collect it before the middle of June. I have attanced a couple of pics that may help you decide if its any use. I am not sure if it works but it all looks complete. If you are interested I would appreciate the new owner making a sensible donation to a friend of mine who has just completed "race for life" after surviving cancer, but the amount is entirely up to you. There is no catch at all, I just need to be rid of it by the end of June and its either it going to a Lotus loving home or a skip. I am not interested in auctions so it really is first come first served to someone willing to be sensible about it. thanks
  14. I would were it not for the fact that I just arranged a birthday party for the same weekend. This year is not working out well for Lotus based fun events.
  15. Thanks. The only dirty thoughts I have are about cleaning the dust off thats now all over the car after a quick drive in it!!
  16. Maybe WH Bibs could do a bulk buy from the publisher and send them out worldwide!! I wonder if this post will be deleted?
  17. Wheel valve is fixed and Devon is looking lovely in the sunshine!!
  18. Ahhhh the disadvantage of doing everything on an iphone.....thats about 8 pages away and far too much effort to scroll down to!! And on the note about reading in the smallest room....I am considering shelving in there for all the Lotus based material in there as the wife is constantly clearing away magazines and books from tables! There's a whole market for someone in toilet shelving!
  19. I was wandering around Sainsbury's tonight while buying ymmy things I cant eat to satisfy my wifes pregnacy cravings and my eye was drawn to the magazine rack and to a special edition "magazine book" dedecated entirely to the Lotus range! 228 pages of car porn and only on the middle shelf!! at £8.99 it was a deep breath but a good read none the less. As I say I am probably the last to know and someone will post in a sec a link to a thread posted months ago about it, but in case you missed it like me, its worth a trip to the news agents!
  20. I got the NASA TV app for my phone and watched in HD as the tank seperated from the shuttle ON MY PHONE !!!!!!! is it me or is that really quite cool and somewhat impressive. Has technology got so advanced that we take the fact that we can watch footage from an inflight space craft in orbit for granted? no one where I was seemed to notice. I for one am clearly easily impressed.
  21. Greetings Tech fans! I am considering a final toy purchase before babies start arriving and was thinking that they AR Drone looks an amazing bit of kit....and good fortaking some flyby shots of the lotus too! Has anyone got one? are they easy to fly? how survivable are they in the event of user incompetence? bottom line....are they worth the money?
  22. Sorry, only just read this. I was tied up at a car boot sale Its amazing the crap that some people buy just cos its cheap!!
  23. Ahhh welcome. As most have said My fave Esprit in my favorite colour combination. and hang on.......yes I have one too. what luck !!
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