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  1. Talking babies !!
  2. I think there is a global difference to this. In the UK and Europe when this ad was released we had Phil Collins "in the air tonight" as the song with it. Presumably as John Farnham is Australian they re dubbed it to make it more recognisable. The timing is not quite as good as with Phil Collins.
  4. Brand new tyres on the motor and would you adam and eve it? within 2 weeks of fitting the pressures are down. Turns out that the valve on the wheel is knackered. OZ futura valves are not a standard size of course and the replacement is .......wait for it £14.50 +VAT and + delivery and of course not available ex stock but will take a week to get. SJ are sending one asap but they said that no one had EVER asked for one before! can I really be pathfinding in the area of valve failures on futura wheels? has anyone else suffered?
  5. Only as long as you dont blow the bloody doors off of your new toy! welcome to Esprit ownership. The Lotus Preservation Society !!
  6. Well it made me extremely proud to be British. We can certainly do a bit of a show when it comes to a Royal Wedding....I wonder if the maybe not
  7. I'm going to be a daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sun is shining and everything is rignt in thispart of the world.
  8. I saw this in 3d at the cinema!! That really does bring a new dimension to it. not one I really wanted, but it did what it said on the tin!
  9. Ouch I have stood at that corner a few times!
  10. And I am only £110K and spousal permission away from making it 3701
  11. Just realised I watched it on my phone. here is the link to the PC version! a bigger screen PC link to the same show!
  12. This is worth a watch. Lots of Lotus content but for the wrong reasons. Brings new levels of respect for drivers though Grand Prix. The killer years on BBC 4 iplayer Some of the content is truely horrific.
  13. I wonder if anyone will sick engines in the mock ups of the new range that are touring the planet ?
  14. Should this be re posted under the "seriously sickened" section?
  15. there were elans, 7s, elevens, and more on tonights somewhat strange Midsomer Murders
  16. It is the wonderful creation that is azure blue. Or were you referring to the sky that is purest Devon blue
  17. The Sun has got its hat on in Devon so I went out to play !! and look was out as well !
  18. Ahhh nice. See it was worth it!! you can carry on bickering now.....I am happy
  19. Look, there is a VERY serious point here that everyone is missing! There have been several mentions of photo 3 and yet no one has had the common decency to post said picture for the rest of us to asses. I have had to read through the previous pages of bickering and there is still no further pictures!!! lets get the priorities right here
  20. I had a double take at your cheeky edit there! I thought, I know I am tired but I was sure I had not written that, very naughty
  21. I live just near Cockington in Devon
  22. Yep, been on skype for ages, although initially on a modem it was interesting. Its even available on the iphone and works well with voice or video. in fact we have even used the audio only for outside broadcasts as its easy to use and much more available than ISDN !
  23. The last post in here was Dec last year and that was about Peninsula closing!! We are conspicious by our complete lack of activity.....shall we do someting in the South West? How about getting the cars out? it would seem appropriate
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