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  1. Top pictures! consider selling the pics not the car !!
  2. Oh wow ...a bbq in the garage... now that is the way forward !!
  3. I saw that same car in Exeter a few weeks ago so I guess it must be local
  4. When I sold my last esprit it took about 10 seconds after watching it drive down the road before I got the "what have I done" feeling. Also on those 10 times you drive it, are they not the best times behind the wheel in that year and bring back loads of memories for you?
  5. Much better that it happened here rather than in France !! small consolation I know
  6. was Saturday PM about 2 ish I guess. Well it was good seeing you going the other way !
  7. Spotted an azure blue s4s / v8 northbound on the M42 near Coventry. could have been either, I was heading the other way and I could only see the top of it over the central reservation!!!!!!
  8. Just checked and its defintely tonight ! Its on in HD as well on sky 543 !! OMG the Sinclair C5 is lotus based...I hope my friends aren't watching!!
  9. A very fair point.... Accrding to Lotus' website there are dealers in Cyprus and Greece but thats as close as there is...DOH
  10. As Harry Hill would say.. "there's only one way to settle this.......FIGHT!"
  11. Definitely find a lotus specialist or dealer near the car and pay them to do an inspection before you buy! it may cost a couple of hundred quid now but may save you thousands in the future. The AA / RAC inspections are not up to the job. definitely get a Lotus guy! good luck. and may the force be with you.
  12. OMG really sorry to see that. I remember how I felt when my first Esprit disintigrated. Double shame really as it was such a nice day and you could have BBQd a sausage and had a snack while waiting for a lift.....(sorry)
  13. Thanks for that....on both ! It's great being in the forums now! altough it makes the desire to get back behind the wheel of an esprit again all the more pressing! Fingers crossed I will be a pure blood again soon instead of a muggle on the sidelines!!
  14. Yep...saw that on the DVLA site, so thought it might be alive and well and cared for by one of the clan!!
  15. Well to be honest I sold it about 10 years ago It was a Red X180 NA reg E539 VEX I would love to know if its still running OK. I used to live in Chelmsford and that is where I sold it, in fact I still remember watching it drive away and wishing I had not sold it about 5 seconds later Anyway. If one of the members has it, drop me a line. ta
  16. Driving from Newton Abbot to Exeter I saw 2 Esprits !! Just like busses ...none in weeks then 2 at once In Bradley Lane, Newton Abbot a white S3 Turbo Outside the Met offce in Exeter a orange GT3 Very brave as the rain is falling ....persistantly!
  17. Maybe there is an opportunity for someone to make a blank plate with a load of wires coming out of it to stick over the radio to make it look like its already been nicked??? I had my car broken in to in a suposedly secure car park and the whole event was caught on CCTV. and even with a clear shot of the perp the police lost the footage and chalked it up to the stats! Then I got a customer service phone call asking how I thought they had dealt with the incident!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. LOL I bought my first Esprit at 25 and have been in a mid life finacial crisis ever since ! But what a great way to spend a life.
  19. Just start buying them and if she complains then tell her you thought it was a catalogue!
  20. What on earth is that. The picture looks like a Transmobulator from Star Trek ...or something
  21. oh well...thanks for that. seriously though if you ever see any for sale, snap it up. It really is the most amazing and easy to use car polish ever!
  22. Greetings all !! Its my first posting so be gentle with me. In these sunny days I am trying to restore the shine to my car but am struggling to find a polish as good as AUTOFOM that I bought about 10 years ago when drunk at 3 in the morning from a TV shopping channel. The ad was showing the miracle ingredient "Fomblin A" another spin off from the space shuttle program and it looked too good to miss. (dont they all at 3 in the morning?) The surprising thing is that it was amazing! the kit had wheel cleaner atc etc as well and I wish I had bought loads now.......has anyone seen it available anywhere for sale? Thanks R
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