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  1. the nearest 10, how many people have asked what it its?
  2. I get the impression that I can go either way right now as its a system rebuild. But I will check. I assume its original
  3. Well the engine is back in now so it won't be long till its back up and running. Looks like my dream of AC may be over though. Sounds like the threads on the in and out of the pump are beyond re-threading. Does anyone know if the compressor is from anything else that will cost a fraction of the price of the lotus part?
  4. Finally! And more interest in this than the ferarri next to it
  5. you are right of course. I have just added a new clutch to the list and it has had the mother of all engine and gearbox cleans... I will go during visiting hours and get some more pics early in the week, but IF I cant afford to keep her, someone is going to have one of the most sorted S4s there is!
  6. A good day in the bay and some amazing cars, boats and bikes on display. There is loads more, I was meant to be working! I met a really nice guy who had 2 brand new Ferrari there. He is awaiting delivery of a new one in October. What does he do for a living? he works for the Dubai Royal family and they buy him a new one every 6 months! Sadly NO representation from Lotus either officially or other
  7. He can take as long as he wants if he keeps the bill down. I am still in shock that I might have an esprit with working AC! Never happened before (null)
  8. Next weekend (June 15th) is the second Super weekend in Torbay There is representation from Ferrari, Lambo, Aston. Porche etc in fact Lotus is conspicuous by its absence in any way so if you are in the area pop along and fly the flag!! my car is still in bits so I am only there working rather than playing. If the weather is as nice as it is this weekend it will be amazing. If you do come and say hi at Palm 105.5 we are giving the chance to win a Hyundai i20.
  9. Wow you have them as Taxis!! thats very cool. do you go south of the river??
  10. The irritating lumpiness that I experienced on the way to Donnington this year and the subsequent ride home on a low loader turned into something more serious than anyone hoped!! Turns out the exhaust manifold was blowing and so the engine came out! While it was out we found problem after problem from PO neglect. However we also found why the AC was not working and a few other little niggles that have been there or were about to happen so in a way its been a blessing in disguise, although its going to turn into a fairly expensive disguise. I have taken the following snaps while choking back the tears of impending expense. BTW I have managed to make it sound like I am doing the work.......sadly that is way beyond my powers so a big thanks to Mr May who has put me in touch with a chap that seems to get more and more excited about the next challenge he is faced with. more as it happens.
  11. I love the term "local dealer" according to The Group Lotus site my nearest dealer is in Guernsey....
  12. Greetings O fonts of all knowledge... I have a chap working on my car who was surprised to find a kind of cut off pedal next to the clutch...he says that when you press it it seems to do something to the throttle....tbh I am slightly more surprised than he is. I am assuming that Esprits were not generally used as driving school cars and had dual controls fitted so is the pedal box adapted from another car in the factory or has my car got a hidden past?
  13. (null)
  14. That's the main reason for logging on! I gave up hope of finding a launch date for the new esprit ages ago. (null)
  15. 10 days since the last update!!! I reckon Frank is out 24/7 and just hasn't had time to update us and tease us with video of the beast.
  16. what about all the people who's houses do not have driveways or access to power? will there be miles of cable across the pavements everywhere? My house's drive way is too steep to actually put a car on it that is not a 4x4 so I wont be ordering a Tesla soon.
  17. Greetings O knowledgable ones, On Saturday we were in the way to Donnington and all was fine for the first 100 miles. Then the engine started getting lumpy when the pedal was applied. It got progressively worse and we decided to about turn and head for the services. On applying the freescan I have been presented with error 44 and it suggests there is a lean mix on the exhaust. Tbh I think it's rich not lean, but.... A) would a failing O2 sensor give this kind of lumpiness ? B) does it mean the O2 sensor that is near the turbo? Thanks as ever in advance R
  18. Looks like we will have the smallest convoy in the history of convoys... Never mind, less stopping for pick ups means more cholesterol filled breakfast time!
  19. when I was there May last year they told me it was a factory unit especially for the new Esprit line... I assume its no further forward although it looked a lot more complete than in that picture. No doubt our glorious leader can intervene with some rumour control....
  20. Took the Esprit for a post hibernation cruise today and as I was joing the A 38 at the Exeter Racecourse I saw a white Excel heading n/b. was not aware of any south Devon based excels so was it anyone visiting or some new blood?
  21. any news on your chances of driving it soon? I have loved reading this thread and would hate to see you handing the keys to someone else for a first flight.
  23. I notice one of the camera men was Iain May.... You never said!
  24. I really enjoyed that. The thing that comes over is his genuine passion for the car. thanks for posting!
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