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  1. Just start buying them and if she complains then tell her you thought it was a catalogue!
  2. What on earth is that. The picture looks like a Transmobulator from Star Trek ...or something
  3. oh well...thanks for that. seriously though if you ever see any for sale, snap it up. It really is the most amazing and easy to use car polish ever!
  4. Greetings all !! Its my first posting so be gentle with me. In these sunny days I am trying to restore the shine to my car but am struggling to find a polish as good as AUTOFOM that I bought about 10 years ago when drunk at 3 in the morning from a TV shopping channel. The ad was showing the miracle ingredient "Fomblin A" another spin off from the space shuttle program and it looked too good to miss. (dont they all at 3 in the morning?) The surprising thing is that it was amazing! the kit had wheel cleaner atc etc as well and I wish I had bought loads now.......has anyone seen it avai
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