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  1. definitely, the narrow light evidence is all we need.
  2. well to be honest the thing with insurance for me all boils down to the premium. I find it fair and as I have not made a claim (and have no intention of doing so) I have no dealings with them other than the renewal....other than a magazine with the occasional Esprit in it.
  3. Thanks guys, on the case now so hopefully life will be restored to the car tomorrow.
  4. For some unknown reason and out of the blue a magazine landed on the mat today from Hagerty (Who I have been insured through for 3 years and not heard a dickey bird from ) It features some classic cars and is not bad for "throne" based reading. Halfway through what do I find but an article on Bond cars and for some reason a bright orange S1 driving through Vegas. The summary states that the Esprit is a great way to get Bond's second most famous car for used Mondeo money.
  5. This may be a very silly question, but is there anything special I should look for in a battery for an Esprit S4s? Mine has stopped holding charge so I guess there is no avoiding the need for a new one, but I dont know if this is a Halfords job or some kind of special super dooper rocket assisted mega battery that I need. your guidance is, as ever appreciated.
  6. the interior looks soooo nice. also a bit like from the Mr Soft softmint mint adverts...
  7. so that's 964 engine rebuilds needed now then
  8. hmmm I too have been served with a notice to visit but the week is still in doubt so I may be all right. Looks like its just you and me....think of all those burgers
  9. Is anyone planning on going down on the Sat 28th Sept? I have to work in the morning but plan on getting down 1ish
  10. overdue me and we can get it in the diary
  11. Esprit went in for service and MOT and the phone rang with the garages caller ID, heart falls and then he says "its all OK, nothing wrong and sailed through the MOT"...... really! It must be my birthday....hang is!
  12. Ok, Thanks for the tips. Tried the fishing trip and no joy. bearing in mind the boken houing I guess the same thing has happened before. Looks like it will be a bumper off job :no
  13. Out for a drive the other day and noticed the nsf indicator was not fulfilling its purpose in life and I decided to chage the bulb. When I took it out it tested OK on a meter so went to replace it.....and then the holder disappeared into the bumper! is this an under tray off job (ie a ramp) or is there a cheeky way into the space behind the bumper without having limbs with 8 joints in them?
  14. Behind one direction !!! IPB mobile posting
  15. A sunny day in Devon.
  16. I am constantly amazed that roads like that are not lined up with traffic cops with speed guns waiting for you and your friends. Or if you go the way of the UK there will be lines of yellow boxes with speed cams in then waiting to rack up a few extra dollars for the government!
  17. Looks better than just a plain good!
  18. really!! That woudl be fab....will drop you a PM with the details. Someone who knows me.....hmm sounds interesting and worrying! BTW Thanks for your offer Barrie but they close at 6.30
  19. Cheeky question.... Is anyone near Northolt (NW London) that could have a quick look at a car for me? I will of course cover your costs, the dealer won't hold it for me and I can't get up till Saturday !!! Nothing easy
  20. Thanks Darryl The transplant took place at the Birmingham Childrens hospital and that is one of the charities that are being supported by the project so will keep you posted and will pass your offer on to Chris and Julie.
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