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  1. he will probably be a panellist on "have I got news for you " in a years time
  2. seconded.....any objections?......motion carried
  3. Rick Edwards


    For once I agree. ....I love the description "one of a kind motoring" thank goodness for that
  4. Its like the phrase "new and improved" can it be new AND improved? just think of all the free advertising Tesco have had as a result of this story....
  5. Isn't it like in the Hitch hikers guide? The moment anyone actually works out the answer to life the universe and everything (and it isnt 42 ) everything will cease to exist.
  6. Greetings Raf, good to have another Lotus in the West Country! A local dealer is a dream we are all chasing.
  7. To put this into perspective so far 438,797,897 have viewed "Charlie bit my finger" so all lotus parties are playing catch up
  8. Absolutely. I got the train from Torquay to Chesterfield to pick mine up. I had an RAC inspection done to make sure it was sound and then took a chance!! What better way is there to learn how it drives. As Bibs says, it is only a car.
  9. Can I repeat my request for a branch to be opened in the west country....Exeter is crying out for a Stratton branch...come on you know it makes sense.
  10. Its soooooo sad even after all the publicity about stocks being OK and no imminent industrial action, I had to fill up on the way to work today and there was a guy at the pump next to me with a van. He filled the tank on the vehicle then opened the door and started filling the dozen or so jerry can sized plastic containers in the back with Diesel!!!!!!! he had well over £200 on the pump when I left. of course if he runs the place dry then there WILL be a shortage for everyone else. And of course he is driving a well stacked bomb on the roads.
  11. The knock on effect if the panic is seriously effecting other industries. With the holidays about to start we are hearing of hotels in this area having cancellations as people are worrying there will be no fuel to get home. This is already a depressed area and it relies in tourism in peak seasons. This panic could end up with places like Devon getting seriously screwed IPB mobile posting
  12. Saw you on the Penn Inn roundabout in Newton Abbot today at about 1.00pm. Made my head turn and it looked glorious in the sunshine.
  13. According to the Lotus Group site my nearest dealer is in Guernsey!! not remotely practical for anyone not on Guernsey. Other than that Cardiff is nearest and that's about 2 hours away. Pretty pointless.
  14. When I lived in that neck of the woods I used a chap called Eamon Swords who traded under the name of "Rapier service" to look after my Esprit. He was a really good he still around?
  15. Barry serviced 2 of my previous Esprits and did a good job. I have to say that his attitude at the time was a tad condescending but it was the work I was interested in not his social skills.
  16. I really enjoyed that... Its a shame that Matt Farah isn't hosting a motoring show on the real TV in the UK. his passion and enthusiasm are infectious. If you have any contact details for him pass on my regards. nice car too just imagine how much faster it would be in Azure Blue! The Goat Track warrior
  17. IMHO the green / yellow is much better . The black and gold are sponsors colours not Lotus colours. If you want sponsor colour versions as well you need to embrace the Blue/Red of Essex and the Yellow Blue of Camel and the black and white of all the pre colour picture cars.
  18. All the best mate, Its probably more awkward knowing what to write here and now than dropping your trousers to a doctor who has seen it all before. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.
  19. It makes it look like it was in Tron
  20. Well done Sir Bibster of Hethel. lovin your work
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