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  1. I have to say I am disappointed. I look at it and see a beefed up MR2 I so wanted to love it. but.... I hope its like all these things and the reality looks better than the pics
  2. I have started her training nice and young!
  3. Over the past couple of months I have been having some serious thoughts about the sense of keeping the Esprit in the garage. Pressures of work and lack of practicality with a baby were making me think that a consolidation of cars into a new Galaxy or something may be sensible. Then yesterday I had a spare half hour and took a friend out to "charge the Lotus battery.... " 60 miles later we realised we really did have work to do, but my mind is freshly reminded about WHY i have the car. Its not about practicality, common sense or in fact anything tangible at all. If anyone asks me why I have a Lotus I still dont actually think I can answer them. I can however go out for a drive on the roads of Devon and give them a chace to answer the question for themselves. The only down side is that after the weather of the past few days I now have to spend a couple of hours with a sponge.
  4. Yes! and there is even experiments with AM stereo.
  5. Saw you heading towards town this evening. Did a real double take as you are the first Excel I have seen on the road in ages.
  6. I have no idea why I have got interested in this, but as I had I wondered how long that meant the LED had been on in total and from that if that exceeded the predicted life of the LED. I also found that the life of the LD can be changed dependent on the temperature. These chrome domes can help more on that one opps I have just realised my paint is now dry.....
  7. Esprit Sport 300 (passenger first Lotus experience on Nelms of Romford open day) Esprit S4 (Passenger only. same as above) Esprit S2 (my car) Excel SE passenger and driven Esprit X180 na (my car) Esprit SE passenger only Esprit Essex (Test dive) Esprit S4s driven as a test drive Esprit V8 SE test drive Esprit V8 Passenger and driven Esprit S4s (my present car) ELise S2 Passenger only Evora SC (Bibs motor passenger and driven) Need to experience Elise S2 Esprit Sport 300 Esprit Sport 350 Exige Elan The New Esprit
  8. There were never any girls that looked like that when I was there! I feel cheated.
  9. Anyone notice the word "Bond"above the window on the building? was this an intentional throw to the car or was it a wierd co incidence?
  10. You have no excuses in this department, I send you low priced bargains at all times of the day and night!! as the man said "get on board"
  11. 1.Paul Godfrey (Espritless at the mo) 2.Mike MPx 3 Rick Edwards What? seriously? something happening in the South West!
  12. Saw ya today at about 1.15. Looking mean. Not really liked white Elise, but I have to say I liked the mean look it had today
  13. you need to watch talk like that! you may start spoiler removal debates and all that has opnly just died out after the last time.
  14. Saw you first at the top of Telegraph Hill...was in the Esprit going the other way....then again about 2 hours later going Exeter bound going thorugh Kingskerswell... was in the mundano that time. Yours looked cleaner than mine!
  15. There is a series called "victory by design" on for most of the evening featuring classic Lotus designs as well as the other big name marques Aston etc.
  16. Greetings from the English Riviera, love the soundtrack, straight from a 70's adult intrest movie!! goes great with the car. May re edit all my videos to match.
  17. far more importantly than all this bickering.....what is the blue bit above the horizon in all these videos? not seen any of that here in months, no, years
  18. On the dealer it just down to an entrepeneur to apply for a franchise or do Lotus themselves decide where the dealers will be? The South West has no dealer west of Bristol and yet in Exeter there are Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porche, Bentley, Jag as well as the usual BMW and Merc main dealers and Lotus are conspicuous by their absense.
  19. For a topic with this subject matter there really is too much text and not enough pics !
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