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  1. Hi Paul where in Devon are you? there are a couple of us down here so if you want any assistance drop me a line. I have the perfect Esprit so I guess you will be looking for a nearly perfect one ;0
  2. Actually, the point is being missed here. While the copper is not dealing with this very effectively. The gutter vermin cyclist jumped a red light and thinks that by being an arrogant know it all he can evade the law. If he had been hit by a car driver when he was mid junction the I know who would be on the receiving end of all the problems from the law. The copper would have been better in giving some "words of advice" but the bigger question is why the road traffic act does not apply to the road tax avoiding, law abusing, lycra wearing Ar**holes that infest the roads and do things like hanging on to the spoiler of my car for a "tow" away from the lights and wondering why motorists get upset.
  3. I know I have come to this late, but my blood is freshly boiling! Its all about the context. What he actually said was he supported the right to strike especiade the roads clearer but as it was the BBC there had to be balance so take em out and shoot them. This is a classic case of taking a part of what someone says and making it suit your own agenda! Also I am lead to believe that JC owns the Top Gear brand so the BBC can's sack him as its his production company that employs him not the BBC. The show is one of the BBC's biggest grossing exports so there is no chance of them disposing of it anyway.
  5. is that a Skoda? To be fair if I was driving a Skoda I would have parked a good deal further from the door in an unlit bay so respect to them for going as near as they did.
  6. A shamelessly froud father... Even though she is only 10 weeks old I have her dressed appropriately
  7. now thats good! There is a road near Torquay called Cockhaven Road !! I kid you not
  8. It strikes me that if they were all as good as they pretend why would they all be so cheap? surely if its fixed correctly they are as good as before, or is it that there is some fear about having a previously damaged car? hmmm cars eh? why do we do it to ourselves?
  9. Moist is a goody, very descriptive too. Flaps was good too and in fact.............
  10. Can anyone help me with a question on a Cat D listed car? I am thinking of buying a new motor to replace the workhorse mondeo and a car quoted as Cat D has come up at a suitably attractive price. I know that this means its meant to be cosmetic damage repared by the insurance company, but how bad is it likely to be? and what are the implications to me getting it insured, selling it on etc etc. According to the dealer, it drives like new and looks great, but he would say that wouldn't he?
  11. Saw you this morning going up Hamlin way just outside Torquay, did a double take as i have not seen another Esprit round these parts in months!! a nice surprise though.
  12. What about the Goats? you brought the subject up....are you now discriminating against the goat population? they need to get around too. FREEDOM FOR GOATS! as for wars and arseholes......oh boy much to learn about the UK you have youngling!
  13. Hmmmm all these words have indeed brought a smile to my face but most are completely unbroadcastable during daylight hours. Does this mean that based on our research there is a direct relationship between rude and funny? we could be on to something here.
  14. errrrr money! There are more miles of road in Devon than any other county in the UK.... most of it is goat track, which is strange, not that many goats here. most have been wiped out by sports cars on the rally stages that we pass off as roads.
  15. Crashes my browser every time and is slower than a diesel micra. Sad as I used to love flicking through it....even bought my Esprit through PH!, but not practical now
  16. Something I am doing on air, I am looking for the worlds funniest words. So far I think "panties" is it. If you look someone straight in the face and try and say "panties" with a straight face they always seem to crack up laughing (no not crack up...... leave it) your thoughts for equally funny words please. Will make the prep easier.
  17. Oh I forgot. and a speed camera to try and get some cash out of you.
  18. LOL I love the way a "back road" near you has tarmac, lines and is wide enough to have traffic in both directions. A back road in Devon is likely to have grass growing in the middle of the track, only usable up to about 40 miles an hour and so narrow that an Esprit has bushes rubbing the body on both sides and you drive along.
  19. A possible Rally car start point? I can almost see a row of 4 KC daylighters accross the front
  20. Whilst completely excellent, I cant believe it was all in one go, they would have needed about 40 fixed cameras to complete this video as one take. Still loved it though and maybe its the next task for James May!!
  21. Saw you on the A380 Kinsteignton, Devon at 1ish today, I was in the Esprit going the other idea if you saw me, but your car looked fantastic in the sun!!
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