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  1. 2 questions What is the "race tech" pack on an Elise S2 Is it worth any price premium someone tries to charge for it? Apparently as a factory option it was around £3k but as Manuel says "i know nothing"
  2. I nervously let them do it at Bovey Castle and it was fine. Bear in mind if its a posh gaff they are more than used to posh cars. The car park at BC is home to more Aston Martins than i care to think about, inc DB5 as well as the new ones, Ferrari, Maserati and more, in fact my car is one of the cheaper exhibits....but definitely the best looking The only thing that catches them out sometimes is the handbrake. but its fun when they have to come and find you to ask how to release it.
  3. Thanks. At least the new owner will be getting a totally sorted car and can see that it happened on here. I have never felt physically sick at preparing a car for sale before. End of a dream
  4. Hmmm slightly gutted to report that the current economic climate has claimed another victim and I am being forced to sell my pride and joy. This really is about the hardest decision ever to make but needs must. After cleaning I will be posting in the classifieds
  5. And Even more.....I didnt know there was alimit to how many pics you could post
  6. Wow, what a crackin' event. TBH we should all try and make a bit more of a showing at next years. There were big Porche clubs, Ferrari clubs and in fact pretty much every sports car club other than Lotus. There was a smattering of Lotus in the car park and a historic car but other than that Lotus was not in the limelight at all. Here are some of my pictures from the day. And Some more.
  7. Ohhhh never posted in the Elise bit....I like what you have done here! Sad economic times have backed me into a corner with my freshly revitalised Esprit and I may be forced to sell it. Life without a Lotus may prove too much though and I have been looking at an Elise as a more cost effective option. Bearing in mind I have been in one about 4 times and driven one only once, what should I be looking for? I have to say I much prefer the styling of the s2 but what are the benefits of the Toyota engine over the K series? (if there are any) presumably the horror stories of heads needing repl
  8. It was all worth it This morning at Bicton College in sunny Devon.... Going like a dream. In fact I don't think it has EVER gone like this
  9. I assume most will have seen this. Just watched it again and I have to say I really wish it had all panned out.
  10. More than a bit! Pics and report after extensive driving in the next couple if days. Sadly work calls
  11. Wow....... Is is cos I have been driving a diesel landrover for 3 months that it feels so quick? Or is it cos it has never been right before?
  12. R11 FFL by the look of it through the fog and rain Black S1 Elise with lots of JPS decals and gold wheels.... Was a few cars behind you as you let a leaner out on St Marychurch Rd
  13. I had the call!!!!!!! collection late tonight........I feel almost as excited as when i got it 4 years ago. Almost nervous to drive it again....probably in case i break it LOL
  14. Thanks for that...i may well be in touch. I am waiting to know if the "fix" he has done has worked.... I visited today and it starts!!! I am only a day or so away from driving it away. I have to say it sounds like a different engine now and having all new pipes, jubilee clips, bolts and a clean engine has got me excited all over getting a new car.
  15. Its a TV program, its also the BBC's biggest export and would not be recommissioned if it was not hugely popular. It ceased being a consumer advice show ages ago and was about to be canned when it was. I think some of the youtube channel shows are far more aimed at the ACTUAL motoring enthusiast than what Auntie makes.
  16. I mentioned this a few weeks ago... Devon & Cornwall police have got an Evora in police livery as a tool for use accross the summer in the 2 counties to promote road safety and engage with the motoring community. They finally saw sense and brought it to an event I was at this weekend, and you can see the pics below. The officer with the keys was very impressed with it althogh he did say that on the lanes of D&C an Impreza would leave it standing as the surface is too rough. I think Ronin likened them to goat tracks a couple of years ago! He went on to say that on the track it is on
  17. As I sit here with a thunder storm rumbling overhead I can only assume I will get my car back in the next day or so....I was the AC compressor from something else that will be at least 50% cheaper like a Renault 25 or something?
  18. No silly races or jibes at recycled toilet seats here..... Not sure if its been posted before but I found this interesting
  19. if you can do that, it would be great.... sounds like the threads on the compressor I have are beyond repair so one way pr another it looks like a new one will be needed. Will know more in the week.
  20. Thanks for that...I don't know how much the shipping would be...but it may well be worth doing. I think the compressor is about £250, but I will look into it. Thanks for all the supportive comments. I am pretty sure that I will get the car back at the exact moment the summer heat wave goes......At least not having a working ac wont be quite so uncomfortable for the thousand or so miles I am likely to do as soon as I get it.
  21. Woo Hoo, we are going in the right direction. All the bits are being connected up again and the engine and gearbox is back in and freshly cleaned. Apparently first flight will be next week!!
  22. I'm sure it will be on Iplayer later Very arty
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