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  1. Morning all!

    On August 14th its the annual BBC Radio Devon Car Rally on Plymouth Hoe. 

    Its an event that celebrates motoring of all sorts from sports cars to tanks and normally has several hundred attendees. The sad thing is that in all its years there has only been one solitary Lotus! a very early Europa about 10 years ago. There is a £10 donation to BBC Children in need and it would be great to fly the Lotus flag this year if anyone fancies coming to the best part of the country. 

    If you are interested you can drop me a line or get a form directly from [email protected] 

    any questions please get in touch.


  2. Doing a spot of music research for work 

    Who'd have thought.....


    19th Jan 1967

    , The Beatles began recording 'A Day In The Life' at Abbey Road studios London, recording four takes of the new song. According to Lennon, the inspiration for the first two verses was the death of Tara Browne, the 21-year-old heir to the Guinness fortune who had crashed his Lotus Elan on 18 December 1966 in Redcliffe Gardens, London.

  3. The hardest decision to make.....its been a month or so since mine went and this is my first time back on here as it still hurts like hell. For me the economic necessity was what forced my hand but as with you it wont be my last Lotus.

  4. So...several months into the sale campaign and I still have my car!

    I have been using it as a daily for the past few days as the Landy failed the MOT and I have put a fair few unnecessary extra miles in just for the fun of it and I am reminded of 2 things.


    1. just how great my car is

    2. I am properly sad about having to sell it.


    I know it sounds daft almost getting emotional over a car when all common sense says "get rid!!" But there it is. A spell of dryness and sunshine in Devon, an open road and quite simply one of the most engaging drives I have ever owned.

    This is my third Esprit and when the previous 2 have gone I have not felt the same sense of losing a friend as with this one....maybe its cos of how much I have spent on it, but if anyone could give me this weeks winning lottery numbers it would really help

  5. you can ask whatever you want for a car, but it doesn't mean its worth it or will S4s has been advertised for a month at under 19K and i have only had 1 enquirer!

    I could put it up for +20K but whats the point if no one is interested.

    There seem to be a few advertised in dealers for 25-30K at the mo but surely thats a dream??  ....maybe I should hang on till next spring, if I can sell a body organ in the mean time, and re advertise it at 25K.

  6. I nervously let them do it at Bovey Castle and it was fine. Bear in mind if its a posh gaff they are more than used to posh cars. The car park at BC is home to more Aston Martins than i care to think about, inc DB5 as well as the new ones, Ferrari, Maserati and more, in fact my car is one of the cheaper exhibits....but definitely the best looking

    The only thing that catches them out sometimes is the handbrake. but its fun when they have to come and find you to ask how to release it.

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