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  1. Rick, if you go to the police an make an announcement 'un-known suspect' -will it be an open case for them ?

    The Police were not remotely interested. To be fair to them there is absolutely no way for them to do anything. I live on a quiet residential cul de sac with no CCTV and no witnesses. There are no leads whatsoever for them to go on other than the paint from the other vehicle and I dont see them spending the time and resource sending a forensic officer to take a sample and then test every white car in the south west to find a match. I dont blame them for that eaither. It just gets added to the crime stats and will remain unsolved.

    That car is insured with Privilige (I didn't have to be posh) and I cant speak highly enough about them. 1 day later and its all booked in for repair and the hire car booked to pick me up from the body shop as pain, no paperwork, no drawing maps on claim forms, nothing !!

    That does not detract from my annoyance that its happened and that I have to find £300 for the excess that I really could have better spent fixing the AC on the Esprit or getting a bumper re spray, and I will continue to look at every car that goes up the road for coresponding damage. I may also consider a spot of CCTV on the front of the house, but that is a) shutting the gate after the horse has bolted and b) a real pain having to put up the CCTV signs and worryng about all the data protection stuff ! arghhhhhhhhhhh if the vermin dont get you the men in suits do. arse

  2. Last night I was sitting at home after a long day and the other half came in with the joyful words "did you know someone has hit your car?"

    As it happened I didn't so this news was not really what I was looking for ("did you know you had won the lottery?" would have been much better) and sure enough some kind person had driven up the side of the car ( not the Esprit or there would have been war declared) and taken out the drivers door, door mirror and front wing. No sign of a note with details, no knock on the door to say who had done it, no witnesses nothing!

    I now realise that I am turning into my parents as I say my day you would admit to what you did and have the decency to at least leave a note with the details for the insurance ....but no. censored.gifwallbash.gif2guns.gif

    The Police, understandably, were less than hopeful that anyone would come forward but sounded sympathetic and gave me a crime number but that is a dead end.

    The only silver lining is how efficiently the insurance is sorted out. By 9.30 am I already had courtesy car booked and an appointemnt for repair at the body argument or anything.

  3. Spotted you today. Yellow and proud with a big grin on your face outside Tesco's in Kingsteignton, Devon.


    look lovely.

    How come I NEVER see another Lotus when I am in mine and the second it gets put away they are everywhere!!

  4. If memory serves correctly (no pun intended) its something to do with windows ability or lack of it to address cards bigger than 2 gig. I have a 4 gig one somewhere and the only machine I have that can format it correctly is a 64bit version of Vista. I dont think the 32bit version of Xp ever anticipated cards that big.

  5. Saw this Carlton on the ramps in a garage in Newton Abbot. The garage said he was having problems getting back in touch with the owner! any takers


  6. I have a 7.1 system and there main issue is the encoding of the software. Not all directors or film studios support the 7.1. SKY HD is not 7.1 and the fill in from the back speakers on movies like Phantom menace is not really worth the effort IMHO.

    In fact I found that I was buying DVD's with 7.1 soundtracks just to hear the back channel !!

    The simple rule of thumb is to invest in the best speakers you can afford and the best DVD / Blueray player and you will make the most of a mediocre amp. The great part is that to get a really stunning sound costs a small fraction now of what it did even 10 years ago. I have the Denon AVCa1-SE amp which in its day was about £2500. it still sounds stunning and you can get one on ebay for about £400 !! in fact that may be a good way forward for you.

    I just had a quick look and found this Denon AVC10SE which is the baby brother of mine only £369 ! a bargain

    and a set of these Harman Kardon speakers at about £300 would give you a good base for under £1000

  7. Not sure how to connect it via a wire but I am sure you must be able to. Wii points enable you to buy games and services via the Wii on line shop.

    Its a dead simple process but I think you will need to get a wireless set up or I am sure you will be able to buy a Wii network adaptor or something.

  8. If you have a Wii console and have yet to connect it to the net, Nintendo are offering a nice little incentive that gives the newly connected person and the "connection ambassador" a load of Wii points!!

    drop me a PM and we can arrange to get you and both end up with loads of points.

    cheeky I know but heh??thumbsup.gif

  9. The best thing to do is to go to a propper Hi Fi / Home Cinema dealer that has a propper demo / listening room. There is always a compromise with sound, price and size. The ultra compact Bose style systems are never going to sund as good a dedicated home cinema that is designed for the job. Another thing to consider is that a good cinema system is not always a good music system.

    Decide on how much you want to spend and then be prepared to double it when you hear what is possible.

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