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  1. Hardly worth the air con in the UK. I am stripping mine out as it didn't work when I purchased the car. It seems the compressor weighs a ton and you get a weight loss benefit in terms of performance and further gains through one less drive belt.

    It's definitely worth fixing, here in the tropical south west we actually get to see the sun !! really! i know its hard to believe in the UK.

    I cant hear the compressor click in so I will spend tomorrow morning doing a bit of fault finding and see if there is a simple disonnected lead (lets face it, its unlikely) and have a look for all the other pointers you have given me.

    will report back after the weekend and the blood stops running from my knuckles.

    thanks in advance


  2. With the hopefully blistering summer on the horizon hrhr.gif I want to try and get the ac working on the car. Assuming I know where the engine is and the ac controls but not too much else, where do I start trying to find the fault?

    I know that the switch works . I cannot confirm coolant levels in the system or that it is leak free though. I cant hear the compressor running, and there is no perceptable drop in engine revs if I switch it on like there is on the mondeo. Will free scan show me anything about the ac system.

    is this best left to someone who knows whats happening? or is there any simple steps I can take to fault find before the bill inducing step?



  3. Saw a Red S2 with the plat "T 45" in Torquay outside Focus on Saturday during the torrential rain.

    and then a silver S2 on the Babbacombe Rd Sunday evening at about 6

    Typical as I had just put the Esprit to bed as come I never see any other Lotus' when I am in mine?

  4. It's that kind of trivia fact that might win you 1 million pounds on "who wants to be a millionaire?" and I will now never forget you had better be right.

    in fact thinking about it ....I may pop next door into the Met Office and check the details....although with the accuracy of the forecasting so far I may get a more definitive answer from blind Bob who lives under the M5

    And re reading it do you mean snowdrop as in the flower or snowflake as in frozen water? just so I can be clear for Chris Tarrant wink.gif

  5. Yep I have enjoyed this several times now....especially during the snow as its almost as good as getting a fix of driving !! well ok not quite

    Do I mis understand the meaning or does the "psycologist" say that there is nothing better for the Esprit owner than putting the roof down and getting the wind in the hair??

    Surely some mistake?

  6. I've often wondered how fast the fuel come out of the nozzle...I was once verbally abused while filling up by a Gypsy gentleman and thought...could I use the pump in self defence as a high pressure hose and send the pikey censored.gif reeling across the forecourt... detective.gif

    Thank goodness for that, I thought it was just me that had destructive and lethal thoughts while filling up !

  7. Here in Torbay (Devon) the Police, Fire & Rescue Service and Local Council, have got together and organised an event call "Learn to Live". This uses shock tactics like this video to educate young ALL young drivers of 16 - 18 age group in the dangers they face on the roads and in their own vehicles. The students are bussed to the event during school time from all the surrounding secondary schools and FE colleges and it is mandatory to attend, There is a mixture of video as shocking as the one posted and live speakers who are either from the emergency services or from the families of those killed in accidents. In advance the students are not told about the contents of the presentation and I attend the event as a presenter from the local radio station and we help build the audiences mood up so that when they see what is presented their mood change is that much greater. The event is so powerful and "no holds barred" in its approach that counsellors and medics are on hand to assist if needed. (and they are)

    Having sat through the event several times over the last couple of years I can honestly say that I never fail to be moved by it, especially a young fire officer who tells the story of an rta he attends where the driver of a vehicle is cut free and it is expected that he will live. The patient subsequently dies and it is then revealed that the driver was his best mate. To say there is silence in the hall is an understatement.

    If you are interested in it here is a link its well worth it. There is video of the story I mentioned above.

    Having spoken to the road safety officer there has now been a measurable reduction in fatal accidents involving drivers of this age group.

    Having just watched the video from that link, and remembering the Learn to Live event again I can only urge you to pass that link on to anyone you care about this Christmas. Sorry to bring the mood down.

    Have a good and safe one

  8. It was a very cold and dark night in Devon....

    and the following pic may be a familiar sight.....but is it all it seems to be (sorry for the crap pic, mobile was all I had to hand)


    Actually the Esprit was coming to the aid of the VW ! the raised eyebrows of the neighbours are a pic as they make the assumption that the VW will be coming to the aid of the Lotus and then find out its the other way round.


  9. I bet the mechanic in question still sucks his teeth at the quote stage and charges several hundred quid for the job.....not that I am cynical

    fish.gif (this has nothing to do with the post, it just made me laugh)

  10. I am sure Lotus have experimented with this as far back as the 1980's. There was a feature on Tomorrows world or something that had a noise cancelling system that had a mic that took the actual engine sound and played it back out of phase (to cancel out the sound) and then played back a better engine noise at the same time. Or maybe I am going gaga

  11. Amazing

    I went on Saturday and the rain was so bad that we virtually had to swim home!! It looks like it was almost bright for you on Sunday. that will teach me to be an outcast.

    My Esprit was the only Lotus in the car park but for some reason there were a few Elises in the kit car display.

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