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  1. I agree, lovely pictures. Can you tell me what the two different blues are. They are both gorgeous but look slightly

    different from my son's cobalt blue (or his former azure blue). I personally like the darker blue which is not familiar to me. tonyc

    Hi Tony

    My S4s is Azure Blue and Ian's V8 is Midnight blue....which seems to change colour depending on what the ambient light is doing. Sometimes it looks almost black, but with the sun on it looks a really deep blue.


  2. I have just got back from the US and discussed fuel prices with the cab drivers there. The price of premium unleaded was $2.63 PER GALLON !

    when I said that this was working out to about $8 per gallon in the UK they almost crashed the cab. He assumed that we had a fuel blockade or a shortage. In fact a couple of them suggested we start protests at government! maybe its just a British thing that we are prepared to put up with the tax increaes all the time and do in fact roll over. There was a several pence tax increase that was held over from the last budget only implimented in October and again no one really mentioned it.

  3. would I be the only one to experience this ?

    No you are not!

    obviously in Devon we are not used to sun for the past few years but on the summer day this year I had massive glare (reflecting from the wet road) problems. Polorized sun glasses help.

  4. hey man,

    I wear size 9.5

    remember, driving an Esprit, you must buy a racing shoe from Puma first.

    (well there are many other brands, but they all look like copies from Puma style)

    anyway, yes, 2000+ lotus esprit V8s are excellent!!! much better

    Is this going to turn into a "mine are bigger than yours" thread...?

    mine are size 14 (no kidding) and I still manage to drive OK. I am 6' 2" tall and have an S4s

    Its much more comfy than the X180 I used to have but if you are wanting all the comforts and space of a "normal car" I suggest getting a normal car

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