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  1. Was a top day all round.

    Next year we should plan a mass Esprit take over and show these Noble chaps what we are about !!

    Maybe even aim for an Esprit car park. you never know mine may be working by then :lol:

    Not a problem for driving... although I kept expecting you to hit the dashboard and then tell me I failed.

  2. No. That was the real thing!

    That car is off to Top Gear today for a thrashing so no doubt JC will have his say on it.

    The concensus of opinions from people we spoke to was it looks like a stretch Elise in a foul colour. The interior was all carbon fibre and total function rather than style. The stereo was Nakamichi (I didn't know they did in car stuff) but that was the closest thing to luxury it could boast.

    1 of those or 2 DB9's or 10 late model Esprits

    No contest. Esprit every time for me, although if you want extreme speed and a disgusting colour the Noble will do you fine.

  3. dont forget the Esprit is somewhat lacking when it comes to carrying kids in the back.

    You're kidding...there's plenty of room as discussed in another thread on here, its just lacking in ventilation and windows and can get a tad warm

  4. The revs not going above 4000, max speed 40 and the lack of boost was exactly the problem...that was as good as it got...not the blisteringly nissan micra leaving performance I was expecting. In fact I was being passed by a procession of small cars with kids laughing.

    I had to get some things done that were way beyond my spanner level by someone who knew what they were doing so I got them to look at the problems for me. (Lazy I know but heh I want it working)

    It turns out that the boost capsule was knackered and the turbo was not spinning as it should either. Also the fairly predictable impeller in the charge coler was shot as well. As I want it all to be right I have hit the plastic and elected for a re conned turbo and a new impeller in the CC. I guess its a cop out getting it all done by someone else but to be honest I would not want to mess it up this early into my ownership.

    Hopefully I can re connect the car to the computer this thursday and post a log of faultless figures that everyone can go "oooooh" and "thats nice" to rather than the tooth sucking, "that looks expensive" sound I am used to.

    Thanks for the help so far and I still have no real idea about what I am looking at on freescan apart from the virtual dash, which I do understand. I am thinking that the manual may be a good investment. ??

  5. Also, what is the whole thing i hear about rebuilding engines when they are 50k etc? Is that normal? I've owned Porche 911 turbo, m3 and Rx7 in my past... Never had any issues with engine or turbos... and these cars were/are modded.

    If you are looking for Porche / Mazda levels of reliability then Lotus is not the way forward.

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