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  1. Interesting: I never thought the F1 would look dated, but somehow it does in that first pic. It looks great, but dated. I do like the new one better, though I wish it had the driver's seat in the center.

    I know what you mean and when you look at the F1's back wheels they look tiny although they were probably huge in the day. Almost looks fiesta size by comparison to the new one

  2. The starting point for this thread is the idiot (i.e. me), a badly underforforming car, a computer and some software. After much swearing and strange looks from passers by with a netbook in the car I have managed to get the car to talk to the computer and produce some data logs which I have attached.

    This is as much use to me (the idiot) as a handbrake in a canoe, although I have managed to work out the basics such as rpm, speed, temp etc. What I DO know is that I am not going very fast, and after some help from the mighty Bibs we now know that the car thinks I have a very light right foot and I never give it more than about 69% throttle.

    The time has come to ask for help!!


    I realise that there are several problems afoot here. I am of low to medium ability with a spanner but willing to learn fast (or at least faster than the car)

    So I throw myself on the mercy of the forum.

    thanks in advance

  3. OK...I have just received my USB to ALDL lead from LEF Shop ...(its very nice with its posh plug so you can hop in and out of the car without getting under the dash all the time), I have downloaded the drivers and setup the COM port as COM 1 and as directed by the setup guide. XP says its all working fine and after re installing freescan a few times it now starts without errors....but thats it. No interaction with the car!!

    is there something obvious that in my enthusiasm to talk to the ECU I have missed?

  4. I finally feel that I can formally introduce myself in this section as I am happy to stand up in the circle and say " I am an Esprit owner and I have been clean for 48 hours"

    Its been a long time since I joined the forum and an even longer time between Esprits. My last one was an X180 and I sold it about 10 years ago. Having just turned 40 (yesterday) I decided that it has been long enough and I got myself an S4s!!!!!!!! and I love it!!!!!!! :doc:

    Origionally I had bought a V8 but the dealer was unable to get it to work so I backed out and decided that the 4 pot option was potentially safer. The ironic thing is that car I bought is one I looked at about 3 years ago and had to walk away as I could not really afford it at the time.

    I had to travel from Torquay to Chesterfield to collect and enjoyed the 300 miles in torrential rain home without much incident at all. The car was bought as a project really instead of a perfect example and although the RAC inspection has pointed out a fair few problems that need rectifying the main problem that they did not spot was only really discovered about 20 miles out of Chesterfield when the traffic thinned out and I stamped on the loud pedal expecting a kick in the back and got absolutely no boost whatsoever. not good. The engine is fine but either the turbo has gone on holiday or there is something else that needs a good kicking.Anyway, the pic below is of the car in the M42 services parked up next to a VX220 (who was totally disinterested in communicating) and I am still grinning now, so who knows what I will be like when I get the turbo problem sorted.

    So. Here I am one of the chosen few now and proud as punch. (now where are the tech support rooms?)

  5. Really sorry to hear the news. I remember how I felt when someone destroyed my S2. As everyone has said, the important thing is that all parties walked away. The fact that you had an impact at 50 and are writing about it is testament to the car and it CAN be fixed or replaced, thats why we pay the premiums.

    just be grateful and look forward to being back in an Esprit soon !!

  6. The game is over and the deal off. No resolution on the ECU problem so I think that its FAR safer to walk away before I have any big potential expense and problems.

    Oh well. I think I will be taking a 4 cylinder approach as I know that engine well from previous cars! thanks for all your help in the mean time.


  7. Is there anyone who can do me a HUGE favour ??

    The problem has been traced back to the ECU

    It has been to bluestreak who claim to have fixed it but it actually runs worse than before.

    Is there anyone in the Four Oaks are of Birmingham who would let them try their ECU on the car to make 100% sure so that we can send a rocket up blue streak.

    The dealer will bring the car to you on a trailor if that helps.

    its last resort territory now. :D

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