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  1. Look. with all this slagging off of the car, if no one wants one and there is one going spare, I am more than happy to step in and do the decent thing by taking off everyones hands. I know I am going the extra mile for everyone here but heh, I'm just that kind of guy.

    Despite the damage it will do to my credibility I am happy to make the sacrifice on the forums behalf.

  2. thanks for that, but its had new plugs, leads, coil packs and water ingress was checked as well and all dry. All I can say is thank goodness I am not paying for all this. hehe

    Its nice sometimes when a car dealer takes the hit. :)

    There seems to be loads of threads that have reported the same problem so I am really hopeful now that the ECU is the cause as it was for most others and I can finally get this saga sorted.

  3. BMW's were never meant to be on the track in the first place, they

    are simply not suited to it. The race cars are too small for the average

    (pot bellied sweaty little boastful runt) BMW driver to fit into, and you

    simply cannot put a normal, decent, worthwhile human being behind

    the wheel of a BMW, thats not fair.

    Driving up peoples backsides and not having the balls to overtake

    is all very well on the open road as being a prick is not part of some

    greater competition, and nobody cares.

    But on the track there has to be some point to what you are doing,

    and being the biggest c**k for miles around is just not enough as you

    actually have to prove something rather make it up and brag about it

    in the pub later.

    IMO, The BMW brand should stick at what they do best:

    Making W**kers Chariots.


    Paul C, once again bigging up the 'individuality' of owning a B-M-Fffing-W.

    (am sure i've covered this before, but it's best to be sure i always say).


    This is absolutely priceless! A friend of mine has just spent his life savings on a 3 series hairdressers chariot and none of my mates have quite managed to sum up our contempt in such a precise and concise way. I will take great pleasure in passing on your missive and may indded come back to you for a further collection of even more focused BMW abuse if that is OK? thanks

  4. Ok...forgive any lack of knowledge on my part here.

    I have just agreed to buy a 99MY V8 SE and during the pre deliery service the car developed a problem which all parties are struggling to find.

    The engine was running fine and then started to misfire. The ECU was checked and a fault fixed but it did not resolve the issue. All plugs and leads were changed but the engine is still not firing 2 cylinders of the left bank (3&4 I think) .

    As far as the mechanic is concerned everything above the head is either new or has been replaced as part of this exercise so there is much head shaking.

    Any help would be most appreciated so I can finally take delivery of my car !

  5. As you say.... a close call.

    virtually every car I have had has a problem with matts developing a mind of their own. The Nissan 300ZX had a good solution and the matts attached to the floor with turn screw locks. Very sensible.

    As for your weather, I woudl happily swap your winter weather for summer in Devon. more rain and gale force winds today!!

  6. To be honest the idea of reading how relaible they are was part of my cunning plan.

    The purchaseof my new baby is not going smoothly and reading hundreds of notes from people saying how relaiable their cars are is all part of my pre esprit therapy program and confidence boosting sessions.

    When you have a dip into the forums you are generally reading about problems on cars (not always but you know what I mean) so its nice to get some positive vibes going (in a non hippy kind of way)

  7. While sitting here pondering the problems I am having in buying a car that will run more than 20 miles without breaking I was wondering has anyone got an Esprit that they have never had to raise a spanner to other than routine service?

    My last Esprit was an X180 and it almost fits into that catagory but I had to put a new alternator on it so a fall at the last post on that one.

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