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  1. Definitely find a lotus specialist or dealer near the car and pay them to do an inspection before you buy! it may cost a couple of hundred quid now but may save you thousands in the future. The AA / RAC inspections are not up to the job. definitely get a Lotus guy! good luck. and may the force be with you.

  2. Well to be honest I sold it about 10 years ago

    It was a Red X180 NA reg E539 VEX

    I would love to know if its still running OK.

    I used to live in Chelmsford and that is where I sold it, in fact I still remember watching it drive away and wishing I had not sold it about 5 seconds later :D


    If one of the members has it, drop me a line.


  3. Driving from Newton Abbot to Exeter I saw 2 Esprits !!

    Just like busses ...none in weeks then 2 at once

    In Bradley Lane, Newton Abbot a white S3 Turbo

    Outside the Met offce in Exeter a orange GT3

    Very brave as the rain is falling ....persistantly!

  4. Maybe there is an opportunity for someone to make a blank plate with a load of wires coming out of it to stick over the radio to make it look like its already been nicked???

    I had my car broken in to in a suposedly secure car park and the whole event was caught on CCTV. and even with a clear shot of the perp the police lost the footage and chalked it up to the stats! Then I got a customer service phone call asking how I thought they had dealt with the incident!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Greetings all !!

    Its my first posting so be gentle with me.

    In these sunny days I am trying to restore the shine to my car but am struggling to find a polish as good as AUTOFOM that I bought about 10 years ago when drunk at 3 in the morning from a TV shopping channel.

    The ad was showing the miracle ingredient "Fomblin A" another spin off from the space shuttle program and it looked too good to miss. (dont they all at 3 in the morning?)

    The surprising thing is that it was amazing! the kit had wheel cleaner atc etc as well and I wish I had bought loads now.......has anyone seen it available anywhere for sale?



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