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  1. Every time I log on I am always keen to see if there is an update to this thread, and I cant wait to see the car on the road, I almost feel a part of the team that is building it, although I would only be good for tea making and moral support. There is, however one question I have......are you married?

  2. Got my letter and certificate all mounted ina frame with a pic of the car looks great and pic to follow.

    Only thing is that found that when the car was born it was 1 of 2 that had the magnolia sports seats fitted so either in the dealership or at some later point somoene has fitted the comfort seats. Does anyone have a pair of sports seats or know where some may be so I can return it ABSOLUTE original!

  3. I know its a well worn topic on here, but a very thoughtful wife got me my cars birth certificate and letter with all the details from Lotus for Christmas. I had underestimated how great this bit of paper is!! and I have found out that my car is one of only 3 made in its spec in that year!!!

    Will wait for sale frenzy to die down and will then get it framed along with a tasty picture of the car. If you have ummed and ahhhed about getting yours, go on make the call!!


    Happy New year one and all!


  4. It was a chap called Simon Yaetes in Sutton Coldfield. He doesnt have it back yet as its going to have the big work done over the next week or so. I think he will be looking for about 18K. Its only done about 55k miles I think.I will digout his number if you are interested.

  5. About 4 years ago I got as far as putting a deposit on a lovely V8SE in Azure came to the collection day and the dealer could not get the car started.I was obviously concerned and after what turned into a VERY long delay and several trips to various Lotus experts who replaced everything from the ECU to plugs and everything in between, I gave up, got a refund and purchased the S4s I have now and have not regretted it for a second.


    The dealer and I struck up a bit of a friendship after all the to and froing over the car and he stayed in touch and told me the car had gone back to Lotus to see if they could fix it. He had told them that the cost of fixing it was always going to be an issue so they could do it as and when they could fit it in to keep the price down. That was the last I heard, until.....

    Earlier this year I visited Hethel for a factory visit and track event and lo and behold what was sitting next to the Driver Academy but "my" esprit still not fixed!! The Lotus guys said they had not got round to it. 3 and a half years of not getting round to it!

    Today out of the blue the phone rang and it was the dealer again, but this time with news that the car was fixed! after all the searching and problem tracing that everyone including Lotus have done, the fault was traced to a short in the wiring loom. Total cost to fix about £30 in parts and £400 in labour.


    The car is going to be given a £3k service plus belts and various pumps and bits that ned doing after its extended stay in the car park and then back on sale. It will be a lovely car for someone and if the economic climate were different I may be tempted to add a V8 to the collection. But it isnt and I cant.

  6. Reality check:

    X factor is NOT a singing contest its a light entertainment TV show

    Eastenders is NOT real its a TV soap opera

    The Hoobs are NOT really from the planet Hoob they are a light entertainment TV show for children

    Wheeler Dealers is NOT a serious restoration show, its a light entertainment TV show for armchair petrol heads.

    The on button on a TV is NOT the gateway to a reality, its the gateway to various channels and production companies making money by people watching what they do. you have a choice (really, you do) if you dont like it dont watch it.

  7. well to be honest the thing with insurance for me all boils down to the premium. I find it fair and as I have not made a claim (and have no intention of doing so) I have no dealings with them other than the renewal....other than a magazine with the occasional Esprit in it.

  8. For some unknown reason and out of the blue a magazine landed on the mat today from Hagerty (Who I have been insured through for 3 years and not heard a dickey bird from ) It features some classic cars and is not bad for "throne" based reading. Halfway through what do I find but an article on Bond cars and for some reason a bright orange S1 driving through Vegas. The summary states that the Esprit is a great way to get Bond's second most famous car for used Mondeo money.

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