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  1. This may be a very silly question, but is there anything special I should look for in a battery for an Esprit S4s? Mine has stopped holding charge so I guess there is no avoiding the need for a new one, but I dont know if this is a Halfords job or some kind of special super dooper rocket assisted mega battery that I need.

    your guidance is, as ever appreciated.

  2. Out for a drive the other day and noticed the nsf indicator was not fulfilling its purpose in life and I decided to chage the bulb. When I took it out it tested OK on a meter so went to replace it.....and then the holder disappeared into the bumper! is this an under tray off job (ie a ramp) or is there a cheeky way into the space behind the bumper without having limbs with 8 joints in them?

  3. I pass Northolt on the way home from work so could pop in and take a peek if it helps :)

    Barrie should have let me know as I live very local to the Orchard and could have popped over for a drink

    BTW Rick I was working with someone recently who knows you ;)

    really!! That woudl be fab....will drop you a PM with the details.

    Someone who knows me.....hmm sounds interesting and worrying!

    BTW Thanks for your offer Barrie but they close at 6.30

  4. Thanks Darryl

    The transplant took place at the Birmingham Childrens hospital and that is one of the charities that are being supported by the project so will keep you posted and will pass your offer on to Chris and Julie.

  5. Hi all

    been a bit heads down on a few projects recently and I thought I would share this one with you.

    About a year ago a friend of mine had a baby daughter who was delivered several weeks premature. It quickly became apparent that all was not well and due to a very rare condition baby Lottie needed a new liver. When it looked like it was not going to end well a donor was found and Lottie became the youngest recpipient of a liver transplant in history. more on the story here

    A year has now passed an Lottie is doing well and has just celebrated her first birthday.

    One of Lottie's parents friends wrote a song as a personal gift to them which we have taken, had produced in our studio by Richard "Digby" Smith (of Led Zeplin, Bob Marley and Traffic fame), and released as a single to raise money for a number of charities and to raise awareness of shortage of organ donors. The single is available to download from iTunes and Amazon and you can watch the video and hear the song on You Tube here

    The BBC are covering the story and you can see the report on the making of the song here

    You may need a tissue depending on how much of a softy you are.....we keep a box standing by.

    Any support, interest or feedback is welcomed.


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