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  1. Sorry, we're doing so much travelling on other weekends we need one at home. Will be sitting this one out. Have fun without us you crazy kids!
  2. In the spirit of pedantry, I feel I must point out that you have these the wrong way round. 'Practice' is the noun and 'practise' is the verb. Just saying
  3. Vicki


    Witney and Oxford are out :-(
  4. 1. Bibs 2. Laura 3. Mike Kimberley 4. Kimbers 5. Ken Baird 6. Mrs Baird 7. Cliff 8. Mike 6 9. Kim 10. Vicki &... 11. ...Paul
  5. Vicki


    Spot the bloke in shorts you mean
  6. Sorry I missed this yesterday - too busy celebrating me and the anniversary of my arrival in this world. That 21 years has gone by ever so quick! Looking forward to seeing some of you this weekend.
  7. It's not illegal to fly national flags in/on your home or car; at least not any more. Direct Gov site has more info here if you're interested.
  8. If it makes you feel any better, we just had our second holiday in ten years. So all the past years you have been lying by the pool we have been at work and not gone on holiday. Count yourself lucky for the holidays you were fortunate to have every year, get the photos out, there's always a bright side! You can only live in a house for so long before it needs a holidays worth of cash bunging at it for some reason or other, houses do that.
  9. Had a fab weekend with brilliant people (thanks Simon and Lisa) and, thanks to some very strategic food breaks, I don't feel anywhere near as bad as I deserve to considering the amount I drank yesterday. Also, I have had my first chocolate since Shrove Tuesday and it was bloody lovely. Well worth the wait!
  10. She's purdy! Cats are ace
  11. I'm sorry to hear that Dave. It's always sad when a pet dies, even if you know that they have had a great life and lasted exactly as long as they were supposed to. Clarky was only 12 when he died but I reckon we gave him at least four more years than he would have had elsewhere if not more. Buttons did spectacularly well getting to eighteen! I would have to get another cat immediately (after getting some artwork done and launching a range of place mats and coasters), as the house just feels wrong without one, but I know that would feel too soon for a lot of folks. I hope you do get a new cat at some point though - there are a lot of moggies out there wanting homes!
  12. I like being British but I reserve the emotion of pride for something I have actually achieved. I am proud of my degree; I am proud that I have never smoked; I am proud of my relationship with Paul ; I take pride in my work; I am proud of my home. All of these are things I have worked towards and so I feel pride is legitimate and merited. My parents happen to be British and so I happen to be British - there was no active decision involved in this so I cannot really understand how "pride" can be involved. It makes about as much sense for me to be proud of the birthmark on my left arm.
  13. I get the rather sensible 'Helen Garner'. I think my alter ego works in a bank. My porn name is Hoover Garner - which could also indicate my porn speciality if you think about it.
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