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  1. Bibs, will we order though you (or direct/dealer) ? Will
  2. If budget allows, the Graziano 6 speed would be the ideal option. It's basically the Enzo transmission in a different casing, and in manual configuration. It is being used by a number of new supercar projects that are currently in development. I've driven a car with this and it's fantastic, really clean precise changes. However Graziano would probably only supply the transmission to a suitable engineering company and not directly to individuals. Will
  3. My MOT's run out, and I won't be able to get it sorted by the weekend... OK to bring something else. Its british and has a V8....
  4. thanks everyone... I've been rather quiet recently... and the esprit's not seen much use either... Will
  5. here's a quote from this week's Autocar... "On his way to producing new interior architecture, wiring and instrumentation, Marsh adopted an innovative, British-designed touch-screen system by Skyships to control all ancillary systems such as ventilation, navigation and hi-fi. The system's intuitive operation shows exactly where BMW's iDrive went wrong, and if there's any justice it will surely spread to bigger-volume cars." Steve Cropley, Farbio GTS | Inside story , Autocar 2nd January 2008
  6. it looks pretty good in the flesh... ...and has a nice touch-screen infotainment system! ;-) Will
  7. Autocar tested the Sport350 twice. The first time in the wet and and figures weren't great. The second time in the dry. If I remember correctly.. 0-60 3.9sec & 0-100 9.9sec The esprit feels way quicker than a 355 (I drove one yesterday..) Will
  8. S350 wheels.... my favorite subject... Prestine refirbished mine twice, the first time was fine for about 3months and then almost overnight all the paint came off. They redid them for me about 6months ago, and so far OK I believe that the first time they didn't use the correct etch primer, the second time they took a little more care... (after a meeting with the boss). So, I think I would recommend them. BUT I still feel that having these wheels refirbished is always going to be problematic. For sure, I doubt they are using an inert atmosphere, you will have to use a aerospace company for that, and it would probabily end up cheaper to buy new wheels... I was left with little choice after I originally went to another company who said they could do it, and the paint fell off in weeks. But if mine still had the original OZ factory paint on, I would be tempted to leave the original paint on, and just rub down and locally repaint any areas of corrosion.. So, in summary. Prestigne have done mine, and they still look great after 6 months. BUT it did take a failed first attempt to get it right. Hopefully they have learnt their lesson... Out of interest, I'm about to use them again on some 20" aluminium wheels for my dad's XKR. their work is very good. Will
  9. Elise S1 was the first car i bought new. before that I had a MGB GT. Will
  10. mine is still young... only 65.5K But i should clock up another 1000 over the next week or two. and another 3-4K going to italy in early september. So, i'll be though the 70K mark in September i guess. If I hadn't have had the various problems. I would have done quite a bit more. But its running great at the moment. I had a water leak which I couldn't track down. But its turned out to be a leaking hose clip... you always fear the worse if the water level drops! Will
  11. removing CAT pipes & replacing studs on the V8 turbos.... (although I did more of the watching whilst a friend was cutting & drilling out the studs... thanks Mike if your reading this!) Will
  12. I've heard that quite a lot recently.... but i've been racking up the miles. I'm off for my yearly trip to Italy at the end of the month, that will be another 3-4000 miles.... I promise to wash it at the weekend! I saw a green S4 at the godstone/redhill M25 exit. anyone here? Will
  13. I've got one too! The only downside is that it's easy to damage the sensors when having the tyres changed. The same system (without the nice display) is also fitted to all aston's and the morgan aero 8. If you can't find a supplier, let me know as I might be about to help. My company supplies the smartire system to some small OE customers, we don't sell to the public. Will
  14. I've been to more than 'one' meeting in the last 3 years of esprit ownership.... Will
  15. wow. more esprit's in the area! I'm about 25mins from Colchester. and to answer your other question, I use mine as my daily drive. Cost me a fortune but I love it. Will
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