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  1. found the collection froma car and driver magazine article damnit why cant that red one be an SE?!?!
  2. Bibs, this is too important to just leave as a simple thread with a title that doesnt really mention the moulds... perhaps a front page article on home page would stir up some interest (and donations)
  3. random thought just popped into my head... why didnt we get to see the engine bays on the esprit? considering all of the talk and articles specifically focused on the new esprit engine, you'd think this was one feature they would want to show off! im starting to think there was little hamsters on wheels inside the cars at the show to get them on and off stage... that video showing them leaving the stage had no exhaust noise on any of the cars that i could hear at least...
  4. it says "4 of 4" on the front.... what are the other three?
  5. what scale are these? cant tell from the pics.... shade
  6. ME!!!!!! I need one cus i have a 94 S4 tailgate complete in my garage ready to be painted and installed.. just need the engine cover! i believe the only difference here is a little tiny angled plate that fit underneath the side to side metal bars in order to redirect water on the N/A versions.... at least this is what the parts manual tells me... sells them complete and new, but have fun shipping one into the US! also, if you find a used one, does the fabricator need to actually destroy it to make the mold for a new one? as stated above, im in desperate need of an S4 engine cover and i have a feeling i probably wont be able to justify the price difference of a standard one vs a new carbon fiber one... so if its just needed for measurements and the mold proces doesnt make it non-workable, see what you can do about getting it back, cus ill take it off your hands!!!! shade
  7. the elan has the intakes on the sills beneath the doors and the esprit doesn't?... wtf. that's been a staple of the esprit since forever, and to put the intakes on a car that was originally a 2 seater roadster and not on the one that they belong on is just stupid.... i really hope that lotus is paying attention to these forums and the numerous other places discussing these new cars... because for ***** sake those cars REALLY need some bigger side mirrors! I really love the overall design execution of the "elansprit", but i'm really hoping they tweak some things to differentiate the cars a little more when they actually do come out.... also, are spoilers a thing of the past now? the arch above the taillights on both would lend itself nicely to a subtle body moulded spoiler.
  8. OMFG!#@[email protected]$##%$#^&* must sell everything i own right now! (edit: except my current esprit, thats not going ANYWHERE) i cant decide on what one i like the best.. they are all too awesome! allthough i feel like the majority of them are going to get the inevitible "is that a gallardo?" question WAY too often... shade
  9. molemot, heres a trick i use.... when you go into the "esprit technical" section, hold down the shift button when you click on a subsection and it will open that subsection in a new window.... that way, you can open all the subsections you want, close the main menu and when you are done reading the subsections, close the window and read the next one that pops up! I intend to roll with the changes! by the time i get usedt o everything though, it always changes... oh well.. same can be said for everyday life! keep up the good work Bibs!
  10. ill miss it too... i still love this palce but it was definitely in its prime when it was just LEF. there are so many other lotus forums that are bogged down with all sorts of other model's owners now... this place was my own little private corner of the internet specifically for talking about my type of car and not having to weed through post after post of elise and evora threads. oh well, its probably for the better!
  11. me and another gentleman in our local Lotus club both have 1990 SEs with chrome plated wheels... another club memeber has stated before that these were not a factory option. is this correct? all the info i have collected on my car, including the archive information from the lotus factory, do not indicate chrome wheels on it. I know the original owners wouldnt have had them taken off and taken to a chrome plating shop because they were just not that kind of people. was this a dealer option or something? shade
  12. Just wondering if there is a chart/list anywhere that has all of the different wheels from the Esprit listed with their weights? I know a few of these wheels were used on different cars and probably have the info out on the interwebz somewhere but I was hoping this information was available somewhere for the esprit all put together nicely... shade
  13. going through the archives... this thread was great and needs to be brought back to life!
  14. shot from a car show last weekend after everyone cleared out... shade
  15. none of mine are for sale but ive got an index of just about everything SE related on my page: shade
  16. LEWs page is very outdated... try here: shade
  17. The S4 cars with the same tailgate but 4 cylinder engines use a different inner engine cover that covers the spark plug valley... also there is a small plate under the driver side vent that directs water into a channel on the engine cover that bypasses the spark plugs as well... pretty clever design if you ask me! Im not at my home computer or else i would include some pictures to illustrate this.. shade
  18. ended up finding a V8 tailgate so i no longer have the need to worry about any of this! shade
  19. just a heads up there is one of the rare yellow 1/15 scale lotus esprit SE turbo radio control cars on ebay right now... the same version that i waited over a year and half to find... 7 hours to go on the auction as of right now.... shade
  20. Jeez! that last pic is funny! talk about sticking out like a sore thumb! I think this is the first instance my eyes went directly to a lotus instead of a MUCH rarer and super exotic like the xj220 in front of it!
  21. i just want my black background back! shade
  22. they look like either Work Equip wheels or Kinesis k57/k58s but for some reason i cant find a picture of either of those two wheels that match everything exact... probably some odd japanese brand... konig comes to mind... shade
  23. dear god. spray those wheels immediately! that looks fantastic! shade
  24. check the third post down in this topic... not the same smoked lights but the same profile... i think with the darker lights and the flat plinth, you probably wont notice the gap at all being that everything is dark... shade
  25. Finally obtained one of the rare Esprit brochures I was looking for for a while now... Anyone know anything about this special edition of the SE? Like how many were made or whatever? Quite the interesting interior... click for bigger pics: shade
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