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  1. *goes and adds "airplane" to list of things to buy* shade much appreciated!!!!
  2. Damn!! theres a couple sport 300 sitting on the lot! shade
  3. all the inspiration i need to start following F1... for the first time! anyone got any links for an F1 absolute NEWB to gain some knowledge from and study up on? shade
  4. holy crap! those pictures are awesome! keep them coming! *crosses fingers that there might be some SE pics in there somewhere!* shade
  5. no, waht i meant to say is, cracked at both ends of the fin... and the fin is missing... nothing to superglue back in place!! haha
  6. looking for one v8 tailgate oval grille... the tailgate i just bought has a crack in one of the fins... shade
  7. Rick, you are thinking of Basic Instinct... see the thread on the car here: the silver pretty woman car is actually currently for sale here: we had a thread on that car too here: shade
  8. gah, you tease! we need whole car shots, from the side, with the wheels mounted! pronto! haha nice work man! looks like its gonna be one hell of a looker when you get them finally installed! shade
  9. shouldnt your hubs be 60mm all the way around? i was under the impression that the fronts were changed to the 58mm with the introduction of the S4 shade
  10. Alex, im not sure how it would work with the G cars but you may want to approach the idea of having bolt pattern adapters made that would allow you to use any common 4bolt wheels on your car... we have a thread (allthough with the 5x108 bolt pattern on the stephens cars) about them going on in the stephen tech area: i know that the guy at cant go from 4bolt to 5bolt patterns so common honda wheels might be out for you but i do know that there are tons of nice 4bolt alternatives out there that would work... this might let you get by cheaper then having to go a custom forged route... shade
  11. id say get the bigger wheels, but do they have the option for a black center? that would be keeping more with the old style while adding the new flair.... and like simon350s said, the old sketches with the bigger wheels always looked amazing to me. shade
  12. brilliant! stickers? i have a feeling im going to need to do that once i get my wheels... cant wait to see the finished project! shade
  13. the UK version of the rear plinth has a wider recess for the wide plates there... looks like the austrailian ones are the same as the ones for the US plates... this is the uk version: check with sjsportscars as i think they still have some of the wide recess ones... i think they have some that dont have the "v8" badge area too... shade
  14. hahah i know! ive just never had to deal with anything wheel or hub or brake related down there so ive never had my wheels off in the three years ive owned the car! it doesnt get driven enough to warrant any problems there... my efforts have been focused in getting the car running in the tip-top shape it is supposed to be in, not customizing the wheels... its time i learned more about the other parts though right?? hah shade
  15. sjsportscars has them... i was gonna get one a while ago and they emailed me with prices and all that but the funds had to go to other things.. shade
  16. the adapter solution is actually pretty simple but im just making sure all the numbers are perfect before i order because i dont want to take the car to the wheel place on the day of the install and have them call me and be like "well the custom one-off parts you brought us dont work"... shade
  17. ok, another newb question (since ive never actually messed with my wheels or anything having to do with them in the slightest)... are the wheels held on with bolts or are there wheel studs coming from the hub? my goeske at needs to know this and also the diameter of the bolt/stud.... shade
  18. why leave the surround off? that leaves a pretty big gap doesnt it? are ypu planning on making the license plate plinth match the lights? shade
  19. do it! i would love to see waht these look like on there! shade
  20. the hood IS different! note the little subtle raised lip running left to right at the front edge of the black area under the windshield... compared to the SE that has that center "hump" that runs and raises all the way to the windshield edge: shade P.S. the car came out looking AMAZING! thats quite the transformation to undertake!
  21. shows how much i know about anything later then 1990! hahah i could swear that the hood actually was different though and had a recess for the sticker to sit in... ?? shade
  22. ILoveEsprit, just in case you want to be obsessive about it, you are missing two V8 styling components... 1. the front hood on the v8s has a little black area near the bottom edge of the windshield that makes the windshield look as if the bottom is more rounded.. it is simply a little recess on the hood that is arched and filled in with black paint: 2. right in front of the small traingle side front quarter windows, the V8s have a little area that is also filled with black to give the whole side window a different profile and make it look more rounded: this can easily be remidied by making little black vinyl sticker cutouts like this guy did: this pic really shows the differencs in the above points: shade
  23. from a car show this weekend... before all the others showed up: shade
  24. beautiful!!! im anxious to see how the 19s look and fit on the front on the SE! let us know if there is any rubbing issues or whatnot.... also are you planning on lowering the car at all? i know putting bigwheels on these things sometimes makes em look like 4x4s unless something is done to reduce the wheel well gap... shade
  25. jonathan, i know you dont have any plans on reversing this mod because you intend to actually mould them into the car... but for anyone else thinking about the sport 300 arches... i had a set of these a while ago and sold them after seeing how much work it was to mount them... look at this japanese site: this picture in particular made me cringe: i dont think i could ever take a saw to any part of my car! haha shade
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