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  1. could someone tell me where the ECU is located on Esprit GT3? Thanks
  2. Hi Bibs,thanks for your reply re-Chargecooler on GT3,contacted PNM they can provide & fit electric conversion kit,or the old style mechanical parts.after reading many of the issues with other Esprit owners i think it's worth going for the electrical pump,however,i did note that all the replies i got had the set up where an additional header tank for the independent cooling of the chargecooler,whereas on mine there is only one main header tank from which the the chargecooler is fed from the engine coolant,although still retaining the C C radiator and associated pipework as in older turbo models, does this make any difference?.
  3. Can anyone advise whether to replace original impellor or have electric one fitted,if electric any particular make and best place for location of this?. Can anyone recommend someone who could carry out this work in the Northwest?
  4. Hi Mark,have you resolved the speedo issue with your GT3.I have replaced both the speed sensor and speedo head on mine and still not working,i would appreciate any help with this cheers. Alan
  5. Hi.jog my memory is the ECU located in the rear offside,?also which connection point is used,there is one above the battery,and one below the glove compartment
  6. Help please!.My car is stored much of the winter,normally i keep the battery topped up with an accumate trickle charger,however sometimes i forget and let the battery run low.when i started to use the car back in may,the speedo started to malfunction intermitently then stopped working altogether.I have had the car from almost new so i know the car fairly well,so i replaced the speed sensor which is located in the offside rear wheel hub but unfortunately this did not resolve the problem,i removed the speedo from the dash thinking the prob may be the speedo head with a view to having it checked,however i spotted a brand new one boxed from a lotus main dealer liquidated stock for £200 which i bought and fitted but alas!still not working,that was in June,it was a bargain anyhow its always good to have a spare as they are becoming more difficult to get hold of.Last week gave battery a good charge as i have hardly used car this summer,went out Sunday,bingo speedo worked all day,then Tuesday went out and it didnt work!.I thought i may have resolved the problem by re-booting the ECU as i have had the battery off the car.Where do i look now? Is there any link to the ABS in each wheel,or could this be confined to the ECU? There are no tell tale lights showing.
  7. Not me on 22/09,better check the garage see if my cars still in there!
  8. Hi Robert,I could possibly go,need more details,times etc... Alan C
  9. Thanks guys,found problem,clear pipe split at bend on rollover valve re-made connection,seems ok. now.Nice pics Jonathan!
  10. Just to add to the topic,had a 96 Esprit V8 before my GT3,not as much fun and certainly not as well balanced,handling on fun days out never felt quite as safe.My first impression on driving the GT3 was that,"This is the car for me".Although the V8 offers a smoother workout,the white knuckle effect disappeared.The difference in overall performance seemed negligible.I think high perfomance 4 cyl. engines are somewhat a trademark of Lotus and coupled with the Esprit body and chassis design are the perfect duo.The noble in my view,is a serious contender but is a rough ride,and more at home on the track.Maybe a 2.5 V6 for a new Esprit?. As mentioned before, most owners like myself clock between 1k-2K mls.per annum.
  11. Hi everybody,Charcoal canister problem not specifically directed to Owen.Can anyone help?
  12. During Clutch replacement accidently leaned Gearbox against charcoal canister which pulled it down out of situ about 4 inches,there is no damage as the movement was very gentle,but it had pulled one of the pipes off the canister.The pipe which has come off is a clear pipe which seems to have been inserted inside a piece of 3 inch long black rubber pipe which is attached to canister.Is this correct?,as there is very little loose in the main length of pipe.The other pipe on the canister is the same o.d.size from canister to breather pipe,have i lost a connecting sleeve?.Anyhow,re-assembled as logic would seem but get the odd whiff of petrol when i open drivers window when out driving,yet when idling in garage no smell of fumes whatsoever. I have sniffed around canister area,breather pipe,seat belt slots in car where i understand the petrol tanks are located but cannot locate any petrol smells whatsoever.When out on road smell is not constant just now and then when window is open.Any suggestions Owen?
  13. Hi Steve,thanks for ur response looking forward to speaking to you,u know what is like,Always get stressed when a problem comes up with the Esprit.Probably because had so many bad experiences in the past when it was under warranty.I have learned with the car over the years,love tinkering not to much in depth,changing oil @ filters regularly etc.....When Ive sent the car away in past always have other probs.after.Anyhow speak later.Regards Alan.
  14. Hi Steve,Live just outside of Tyldesley,give us a call on 07815 431811 or 0161 702 8852 Wednesday before i get car recovered
  15. Hi Andy,GT3 Clutch Problem,Bled clutch using a good 1/2 litre of fluid dot 4 initial spurts of old fluid quite discoloured and did final purge to slave by pushing rod all of the way into slave to expel any air trapped inside slave etc.... Went thro gear changes whilst engine not running and seemed to be ok.started engine would not engage any gear(brick walled).stopped engine pumped pedal a few times selected gear whilst engine stopped, started engine with selected first gear and pedal fully depressed,biting slightly and would not disengage to neutral till stopped engine. any ideas as what it could be, and what i should do now,i am concerned this could turn out to be expensive.Do u know of any reliable Esprit orientated persons in north West who could do any repairs in my garage at home.
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