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  1. We had the tailgate off while we were tuning the engine. we did a lot of engine work and carb. adjustment it also helped a little with the cooling during our first few drives. Tailgate is on now, My dad and I are both 6'5 and make it pretty tight inside.
  2. Thats a good goal. I just installed the new clutch hose and am going to drive it for the first time this weekend to break in the new engine parts. Do you have a Facebook? maybe we can get in touch id like to see yours. I work on mine about a half hour away at my parents house on the weekends. I could show you mine sometime when i drive it to state to show off in the future.
  3. Ya i'm still at SDSU. I'm getting really close to finishing mine just waiting on a new clutch hosing and it'll be ready for its first road test. Hows yours coming and where r u working on it? What number do you have? I have also never seen a 77 in person besides mine either kinda funny how theres two being worked on by state students.
  4. Ya i believe that's this one. It was in the weeds but it was in Pasadena and the guy thought it would be a good parts car. Update: Engine dropped back in after just finishing the rebuild of the water pump. Everything is hooked up and running! Time for the final touches in and around the car and begin wearing in the new engine. Hope to have final pics up within a month or so as well as my first drive. Now that i'm back away at school and its no longer summer its going a lot slower, its now become a weekend project.
  5. Just finished the engine rebuild. check out my pics of the engine coming back together
  6. photo update: Just finishing up the interior Final touches on the exterior Pulled the engine and tranny: rebuilt the head and got a valve job, getting new piston rings, rebuilding the carbs, and finally detailing the engine parts and engine compartment. hopefully not long till my first car show!
  7. Just bought a new windshield for my car and was wondering the best way to go about installing it. Should I use a glue rope bead, or windshield adhesive? what is the best way about going at this for this car? Any suggestions.
  8. Just recently finished painting my s1 regency red in my garage. For the last few weeks I have been wet sanding up to three thousand and buffing the car to a mirror finish. Progress has been slow ever since I went back to school at San Diego State. I have been going between home and my apartment often to get work done on the car. I have almost finished replacing cleaning and putting everything back on the exterior of the car as of now. I have pics of the car just out of the paint booth, and will upload more when I finish the exterior. Next step is to get the interior finished and do the finishing trim inside. I'll keep more posts coming and add pics to my flicker web site as I get big steps completed and get ever closer to driving the esprit! better pics on flicker, EDIT by mod: pics removed - they were enormous! Please see posting images thread for details on the best way to post images and the size limitations.
  9. Hi, I've been desperately looking for an s1 windscreen. One parted off an old car in good to decent shape, or a place where I can get one would be great. Thanks, Eric
  10. In response to "rellen's" comment, hear are some pics of the exhaust. It was hard to get under the car and get pics but in case you don't know whats happening in the pics, the exhaust comes out of the engine and over the suspension and down around and out the back. hope this helps. In an unrelated topic, I'm just about ready to respray my s1. The color is Regency Red and the paint code is L11. Where should I go to find this paint, or who sells lotus specific paint preferably in the US?
  11. Just came across a 1977 esprit s1 in southern California. I've been working for the last few weeks on the body and sanding until I got to the original primer. The previous owners resprayed a primer over the existing red and a horrible color blue on certain parts like the hood and engine compartment. As I restore this car and try to keep it as original as possible I had a few questions. 1. Where can I get a new windshield? (mine's cracked) 2. Does any one sell carpet kits for the interior; and the engine compartment. 3. How can I tell what my original interior was like, and how to recreate it. I've noticed some differ between the restored ones and the originals. Thanks for the help, I will continue to post pics on my flicker account and ask questions as they arise.
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