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  1. Hi there Yep it is me that has it for sale - sadly I'm not able to finish it for a number of reasons. I sincerely hope it goes to an Esprit enthusiast - I am going to leave it on here for a week before advertising elsewhere. Cheers
  2. You really wouldn't want to see it Chris
  3. I've bought a spare wet sump engine for my Esprit (just in case ). For some reason the previous owner fitted a rather grotesque oil filler cap... Does anyone know whether the Lotus Twin Cam (from the Elan, Cortina) three eared oil filler cap fits? - as Burton Power sell them.. - or is there another source? Thanks Simon
  4. Cheers Dave - nice to make this rather exclusive list Simon - just out of garage after a cold night of Esprit fettling
  5. Have to admit that I am rather fond of Lotus cars in black having owned 3 JPS Europas and a WC S2 Esprit in times gone by! - OOOO'ER
  6. He has just rather rapidly turned down my best offer
  7. My that looks absolutely stunning!!!! - totally convinced! What colour red is that? - looks a little darker than the Calypso Red??
  8. Many thanks all for the wheel information and the kind offers to take them off my hands - I never realised their rarity!
  9. Are 4 studs good? - I didn't realise. The chap who sold it to me was rather pleased of his 'washer modification' - not so sure myself I think it will be going back to standard including the colour coded bumpers and window frames (which I don't mind :)) - I am a bit of an original spec man, but not obsessive
  10. Many thanks Barry for your kind offer, but it's not in my nature to foist my problems on others - I will labour on I just can't believe how Esprit values have risen in the interim 6 years....
  11. Cheers Dan - will take some pics this weekend - if she starts up!! If I recall the cambelt was circulating the oil spray around the front of the engine - my hunch may be the front crankshaft seal - as this was the only seal I didn't replace, as it looked ok, when I rebuilt the engine - flawed logic!.
  12. Well 6 years on and not a lot has changed.. After she started up - I noticed an oil spray was coming from around the front of the engine circulating around the cambelt!!, front crank oilseal or leaking oil pipe I thought? But life got in the way and the Esprit was pushed to the back of the garage where she has languished ever since - but I wheeled her out over the weekend, dusted her down and am enthused again - right first thing is where was that pesky oil coming from?
  13. Yay - she lives - my S3 Dry Sump Turbo - fired up first time today 18 months after I bought her with a blown engine - sounds as sweet as a nut - many thanks to all who have offered advice on here and a special mention to PNM Engineering - am a rather happy chap now
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