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  1. Hopefully not Iain - its a just in case post to see what is available should the worst happen. I should know the extent of damage over the next few days - fingers crossed that it is just bent valves.
  2. Iain Yep Chipping Norton show - your superb car got me thinking Esprits again
  3. If anyone has a spare engine please contact me - courtesy and good price guaranteed
  4. Records show; 1990 to 2007 Essex 2007 to 2008 Bristol 2008 to 2009 Scotland 2009 - Forever Sheffield Ian if your Esprit was featured in Classic Car v Fezza 308 article we talked last year at a Classic Car meet in Cotswolds? - me and the missus were touring in a hired AM V8 - 25 years wed
  5. Yep dry sump car - it is in extremely good condition (bar interior), except it doesn't go - but for
  6. Thanks John - yep I wouldn't buy any other sportscar except another Lotus. You could say its an addiction.
  7. Thanks Andy - see you are a Lotus multiple owner too This Esprit is my number 15 Lotus
  8. Apologies still finding my way round this forum - wow so much information, lots of good late night reading, bugga can see the wine bill going up Where is the best place to get engine parts from?, valves, gaskets, etc, etc - anticipating I may be needing them Can't wait to get cracking this weekend
  9. Cheers Yep, hope for the best, prepare for the worst but I'll be satisfied whatever the problem is. Yep its an v early Turbo on a W reg. Will post up some piccies as soon as I can.
  10. Big Hello from Sheffield. Just bought an 81 Esprit Turbo to add to my Lotus family. Its a none starter er at the moment (the previous owner thinks it may have dropped its valves) - pick it up next Saturday, so I will be inundating the board with many questions over the coming months Owned 3 Esprits in the past S1, S2 JPS and S3 Turbo - last one approx 21 years ago - looking forward to getting my new baby back up and running
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