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  1. some similar stuff on the Esprit makeshift earth from -v battery to chassis with jump lead and hey presto.....normal service is resumed. Job for tomorrow - fit new earth lead from battery too chassis. Mike
  2. My Elite started off as Gunmetal back in 1976. It was 1970s Orange when I bought it back in 2001. Nearest colour match being VW Mars Red 2 - another 1970s - tastic colour. Found all this out and more by writing to DVLA sending them £5 and receiving info about all the previous owners, registrations etc. Fascinating stuff to plot the history and movements of the car. Gunmetal paint code = L27 Mike
  3. Folks... started the old gal's engine couple of weeks ago all fine. Switched off...had cup of tea.... came back.....try to start and found only buzzing from relay beneath dash. Subsequently I have fitted new battery - no change, swapped relays for new ones - no change, fitted new starter solenoid - no change (bench tested starter which seemed fine), checked earths which seem fine. Weird thing is that the horn now doesn't want to work, and only seem to get really feeble side lights no mains. Fuel pump also on go slow...... Have I missed something really obvious before I call in the mobile auto electrician...? I'm baffled. Mike :/
  4. From Lotus technical dept. ? They don't know....go ask someone else.... ? I am afraid that we do not have this information. I would advise you contact one of the many Lotus specialists such as Kelvedon motors. They are a Lotus authorised repairer that deal with our heritage cars. I hope this helps. Best regards Tony Margareto – Technical & Training GROUP LOTUS PLC, Hethel, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 8EZ, EnglandT +44 (0)1953 608418 [email protected]
  5. These look very interesting..... Mike
  6. Thanks Alan... awaiting response from Lotus technical. Looking to gain this info as the Burroughs type gauges are relatively expensive for what they are whereas the type I purchased are much more affordable and, going by their use on other model forums, appear to be extremely accurate too. Could be useful for those on this forum as the 'tension' question appears on a regular basis. Mike
  7. Email sent to Lotus technical dept...... sit back and wait...
  8. Hi Folks On a whim I purchased one of these.... Looking at the instructions online it would seem I need to know the deflection of the belt in mm and also the dekanewtons (daN) of force applied to said belt to measure the tension. As I don't have this information and cannot find it elseware during a brief browse of the internet I wondered whether any of you engineering types out there could assist. The belt is a trapezoidal (square tooth) variety. I believe correct settings should be around 90-95lb cold. I currently use a Krikit gauge to measure the tension which is a little hit or miss. Regards Mike
  9. Couple of images of slammed Lotus Elite to rival Charlie Crokers..... Seems he's not the only one lowering lotuses...!! ?
  10. Here you go.... Mike
  11. Folks....seem to remember that on one of the Jensen Healey / Lotus Sunbeam forums...can't remember which, a tubular manifold 4 into 1 was mentioned and details given of the manufacturer. I seem to remember it was around £220 inc vat. Mild steel, painted. Looked the business and I imagine could be adapted for use in Elite/Eclat/Excel platforms. Or word with the manufacturer and suitable lower pipe connection achieved. I'll try and dig out the details when I have a moment.. Mike
  12. Thanks Dunc.....I had Nexen on my Jag and won't be going down that route again... Falken are an alternative but I'm hankering after something a bit sportier...TOYO perhaps. Aside from some slight cracking in between the tread of my present Dunlops you would not,looking at them at least, suspect that they were well past their best. Yes they are probably now age hardened and I guess it would be foolhardy to drive with any gusto. Not picked up on recent M.O.T s tho...!! Agreed 15 inch wheels would open up the doors to better choice of rubber but £££'s and I quite like the original wheels...although Charlie's on his Panther look very nice... Mike
  13. Need some new tyres as my Goodyear Grip-begones are due for retirement... Unfortunately the only tyres available in 205 60 14 are budget ditch-finders. However there seems a whole lot better choice in the 195 65 14 size... Given that the rolling radius is about 2% difference, the width 10mm narrower but the rubber and tyre tech much much better than either the current Goodyears or the budget stuff, what are your thoughts on fitting said tyres. Cheers Mike
  14. Or even this one which looks really Gucci and has a manual override if ever the electrics go awol...(surely not on a Lotus)... regards mike
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