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  1. Hello, I've the opportunity to buy a S2 JPS commemorative Esprit, but I've doubt... Its VIN begins with 7806... and it should be the N°15. The other begin with VIN 7811... and later! What do you think about it? I've tried to contact the Lotus factory, but Andy Graham isn't at his office. Who could help? Many thanks
  2. Thanks to all of you. I'll wait to find a "used" one...they aren't cheap at all
  3. Hello, Does a workshop for the 88 - 92 Esprit Turbo (215hp) exist? I've one for the S3 and a CD for the S4... Where could I find / buy a copy? Many thanks
  4. Hello, Does anyone know, from what a car the rear brake calipers are? (my car is a 1989 Esprit Turbo) I didn't find the answer on the lists... Many thanks.
  5. Hello, Does anyone know, what the bolts of the rear calipers of my 89 Esprit Turbo sould be torqued up? I did'nt find any answer... Many thanks
  6. Hello, I'm looking for an original gearknob (Renault gearbox) and for a graphic panel (car with A/C) for my 89 Esprit Turbo. Would anyone have these parts for sale? Many thanks Raphaël
  7. Thank you Jeff, Is it necessary to take off the plenum therefore?
  8. Hello, It seems that I've an air inlet between the carbs and the manifold on my 89 Esprit Turbo! If I spray brake cleener on this part, the engine revs higher! I can try to tighten the fixing bolts - they are not tightened at all...or should I fit new gaskets?What do you think about this??? What gaskets should be changed? Are there o-rings between the manifold and the carbs? I've also seen gaskets on the bolts...And I've certainely to put the plenum away, so I'll need gaskets for the plenum...Am I right? Many thanks for your advices
  9. Thank you andydclements, but the scale is not the same as with the Burroughs...
  10. Hi there, I'm new here on the forum, I've recieved my 1989 Esprit Turbo yesterday, I'm French and 57 years old... I know I've to change my cambelt, because it's from 2003! I hope I can do it with the engine within the car... Do I need the Burroughs gauge or can I use another tensiometer (from Facom for example)? There is no Lotus dealer near me, only far away... Thank you for your advices.
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