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  1. there is a connection block for the + wires (+ from battery connecting to 3 or 4 other wires including to the starter moter) inside the left rear wheelarch. I have seen that connection getting loose inner wheelarch out and you can see it.
  2. I had a few made of this indeed the top roof curve is tricky to produce
  3. Liquid blue B133 motorshow introduction colour
  4. I have seen Yvo's Evora in Schotland, looks very good and perfect fit.
  5. there is some progress ! (among some other projects.....
  6. so this is progress images lost between old forum and here chassis corner here
  7. well done, looks very clean that chassis looks like new !
  8. and inbetween Cor also developped this Geo (toe) adjustment tool . more accurate and quicker to use than the string method ! I used it, works very good !
  9. mangel, with a supercharged Honda you won't get 450 Bhp and approx 350 LbFt
  10. nice now get on with that car in the background
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