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  1. Thanks guys. Good to hear such support from you. I'm a little afraid of the Esprit when it comes to running costs. In SELOC, there's a generalised feeling that Esprits (specially the S350) have high running costs, much higher than Elises or Exiges. I'll try to read as much about it in the LEW forum as I can. Meanwhile, if anyone would care to refute this idea, you're more than welcome. By the way, my favourite Esprit, design wise, is the Esprit Turbo from the early eighties, like Jussi's Esprit. It's beautiful. I'm a little concerned about buying a 20 year old car, however, afraid of the running costs. Are these too expensive to maintain? Also, there's no dealer or specialist Lotus garage in Portugal, which can be a problem, as no one has the expertise on Lotus. Can this be a serious problem? I have a mate who is a mechanic for a small racing team (they are amateurs, but he is quite good, actually). Could he maintain a car like an Esprit, or do they need to be maintain by a Lotus specialist? Thanks guys
  2. Hi guys, I'm Jose Rodrigues, i'm 27 (nearly 28) and i'm looking for the perfect Lotus. Right now, I'm leaning towards the Exige, but I've been reading some things about the Esprit, namely the Sport 350, that really impressed me. I have been a Lotus fan for quite some time now, although there aren't any dealers in Portugal. I'm expecting to buy my Lotus in the near future, but as the import taxes are pretty stiff, I only get one shot...Exige vs Esprit Sport 350 I really prefer handling efficiency to power or speed, so maybe you guyscan help me out in this quest. By the way, what's the market value on S350's now? Cheers mates Jose
  3. Do these problems also occur in the Sport 350?
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