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  1. Mario at Monaco 80 Elio Monaco 1980
  2. Missing opportunity to recreate the iconic Esprit one into a Elise...
  3. As far as I know the JAH1L, was restored by Simon Hatfield and he still owns it. By the way...its seats came from a Lotus Europa Special
  4. I came across this one. I think has never been posted here...
  5. I think this one is also new here....
  6. Ooooppps a AutoArt Esprit Modified
  7. An exotic Esprit for sale...I find it a bit expensive.....|parentrq%3Aba4952fb1630ab1d2f70c66effff3c28|iid%3A1
  8. Merci Beacoup Jean Pierre!!!!! :-)
  9. Hi All : I released my own 1/43 version from an AutoArt Esprit Turbo
  10. I created decals to reproduce it in 1/43...hope you like!!!
  11. Another pic from the OPW 674W I read once David Thieme still keeps his personal Essex Esprit in a garage in Paris...... .....and by the way.....another interesting "must read" about David Thieme´s parties
  12. The Sunbeam Lotus seems to be sold in different places!!!! Don´t miss this link with the car´s history. A must read
  13. A nice collection of David Thieme pics.ía-de-noticias/designer-david-thieme-american-sponsor-of-the-fotografía-de-noticias/568960357 Specially interesting the Monaco 1980 ones...
  14. Posted photos came from a booklet given to guests during the presentation of Essex Team Lotus in 1981at Royal Albert House...
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