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  1. Ooooppps a AutoArt Esprit Modified
  2. An exotic Esprit for sale...I find it a bit expensive.....|parentrq%3Aba4952fb1630ab1d2f70c66effff3c28|iid%3A1
  3. Merci Beacoup Jean Pierre!!!!! :-)
  4. Hi All : I released my own 1/43 version from an AutoArt Esprit Turbo
  5. I created decals to reproduce it in 1/43...hope you like!!!
  6. Another pic from the OPW 674W I read once David Thieme still keeps his personal Essex Esprit in a garage in Paris...... .....and by the way.....another interesting "must read" about David Thieme´s parties
  7. The Sunbeam Lotus seems to be sold in different places!!!! Don´t miss this link with the car´s history. A must read
  8. A nice collection of David Thieme pics.ía-de-noticias/designer-david-thieme-american-sponsor-of-the-fotografía-de-noticias/568960357 Specially interesting the Monaco 1980 ones...
  9. Posted photos came from a booklet given to guests during the presentation of Essex Team Lotus in 1981at Royal Albert House...
  10. From an old ESSEX TEAM LOTUS leaflet...hope you like By the way. Doses someone know what happened with the huge ESSEX Neoplan bus?
  11. Perhaps she is one of the women in this photo....
  12. Bell Helicopter in a rare Martini ESSEX livery And finally my own reproduction of Mansell´s personal car in 1/43
  13. colinsays

    JPS F1 Transporter

    As far as I know it was restored by Simon Hadfiel, and It was displayed in the "RUSH" film
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