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  1. 96 Blue

    96 Blue

  2. 96 Blue

    96 Blue

    1996 Lotus Esprit S4s Dark (Midnight) Blue Metallic Orkney Magnolia Leather 2nd last Australian delivered S4s
  3. B42 Dark Blue Mettalic later referred to as Midnight Blue Mettalic
  4. Good call with the superglue, I finally managed to get the damn bulb out replaced it and decided to do the other side while I was at it. Same thing.. bulb and housing push straight through. Luckily I new the technique for getting it back. It seems the amount of pressure required to push the bulb into the socket is just the right amount of pressure to push the rubber grommet through!
  5. Hey Roger, My handbrake seems to be grabbing slightly (i.e when rolling slowly it pulls up as if the handbrake is on). I'm not that mechanically minded which is what drew me to your comment. What is the link between the handbrake and foot brake? I'm praying for an easy fix. BTW, the problem started when I left the car to get the headlining done and when I got it back I noticed the handbrake felt different. My guess is they left the handbrake on and moved the car.
  6. Photo as promised; I like your hole cutter idea Kenny. I think I will go down that avenue when these vinyls begin to peel.
  7. Hmmm, nah doesn't seem to be any access from underneath even with removing undertray and fog light. I even tried super glueing a piece of wire to the light globe to try and pull it back through the hole which is only large enough to just fit the globe through, with no luck. Will have to wait until I have the time and patience to remove the front bumper I think.
  8. Hey guys, Yesterday, changing my front indicator globes I managed to push the globe all the way in and now it is somewhere behind the front turn lamp housing and I cannot retrieve it. Can anyone tell me how on earth you take these indicator housings out? Do I need to take the bumper off?
  9. Hi guys, I thought I would be lazy and sign in with Facebook and now I have my original account 96 Blue and a new account using my full name which I prefer not displayed. Any possibility the new account can be removed and my new posts changed to my old user name?
  10. Hi 60N4.7, PM sent Hi fflyingdog, I ended up using carbon fibre vinyl that I bought for less than $5 on ebay. Just use a sharp knife to cut out the ring and stick them on. They honestly turned out better than I expected. Will post some photo's when I'm home next. Those rings aren't real carbon fibre anyway and they seem really easy to crack.
  11. Finally got round to checking this and can confirm the lotus badges are simply glued over the OZ stamp. Took about 20 mins to remove and clean the adhesive off. Very satisfied with that!
  12. Does anyone know if the OZ stamp is underneath the glued on Lotus badge for these centre caps. Im thinking of prising the lotus badges off. Also the carbon fibre surrounds are cracked. Anyone sell spares/fabricate new ones?
  13. Hi, does anyone know where to get centre caps for the OZ Futura's? Im chasing these ones specifically Not the ones with the Lotus badge (car has enough Lotus badges on it already) Willing to trade if anyone wants to do a swap
  14. Thanks guys, I have tried getting the blanking plug (4 months no sign of it) I am only aware of one place in the US that supplies these and my plug went missing in the mail (money refunded) apparently this happens a fair bit for items to Australia so I gave up with that supplier and hence was thinking this may be a cheaper/reliable? alternative. Didn't know Lotus supplied a blanking plug and retaining plate but will do a search. Thanks. Do you think there needs to be some resistance on the impeller? It is run off the oil pump which would supply resistance in itself. Worst case scenario I can think of is if oil passes into the impeller housing and feeds grit back into the lubrication system. There will be no coolant in there, just a worn out impeller. dodge1979, I am using the Davies Craig electric booster pump I have seen others using (supporting Aussie manufacturers).
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