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  1. I have just had the same problemm with my S4. I was advised not to try and remove the Bumper . This it seems is a bif no no !!

    Mine is now fixed, it meant having to fish the bulb holder out with a piece of bent wire (coathanger actually) the job is unbelievably fiddly so you need bucket loads of patience. It can be done cos I did it!!  Having got the holder back in place and checked that the indicator actually works it is best to superglue the holder in place


    Good call with the superglue, I finally managed to get the damn bulb out replaced it and decided to do the other side while I was at it. Same thing.. bulb and housing push straight through. Luckily I new the technique for getting it back.


    It seems the amount of pressure required to push the bulb into the socket is just the right amount of pressure to push the rubber grommet through!

  2. The irony is that now understanding how the system works I could probably have resolved the issue by stamping on the foot bake.whistle.gif


    Hey Roger, My handbrake seems to be grabbing slightly (i.e when rolling slowly it pulls up as if the handbrake is on). I'm not that mechanically minded which is what drew me to your comment. What is the link between the handbrake and foot brake? I'm praying for an easy fix.


    BTW, the problem started when I left the car to get the headlining done and when I got it back I noticed the handbrake felt different. My guess is they left the handbrake on and moved the car.

  3. I ended up using carbon fibre vinyl that I bought for less than $5 on ebay. Just use a sharp knife to cut out the ring and stick them on. They honestly turned out better than I expected. Will post some photo's when I'm home next.


    Photo as promised;

    I like your hole cutter idea Kenny. I think I will go down that avenue when these vinyls begin to peel.
  4. Hmmm, nah doesn't seem to be any access from underneath even with removing undertray and fog light.


    I even tried super glueing a piece of wire to the light globe to try and pull it back through the hole which is only large enough to just fit the globe through, with no luck.


    Will have to wait until I have the time and patience to remove the front bumper I think.   :wallbash:

  5. I'll swap mine with OZ on them if yours have LOTUS on them... EMAIL / PM me..

    Hi 60N4.7,


    PM sent

    Am interested to with new carbon rings if any one has any ideas for new ones ???

    Hi fflyingdog,


    I ended up using carbon fibre vinyl that I bought for less than $5 on ebay. Just use a sharp knife to cut out the ring and stick them on. They honestly turned out better than I expected. Will post some photo's when I'm home next. Those rings aren't real carbon fibre anyway and they seem really easy to crack.

  6. That odd shape is normal, it's how the pump works. It allows coolant to enter around the point the fins are allowed to extend outwards, they then pass the inlet port and are squashed as they go past the outlet port. It's a bit like the induction system on a two-stroke engine.

    You could run a pipe from inlet to outlet but I doubt the pressure would be constant so that would give a small amount of resistance unless there's no impeller fitted. Best idea is just get the blanking plug and retaining plate from Lotus for the ones fitted to the non-charge cooled ECU controlled engines, it's a standard part, or a non-genuine supplier also does them (I think JAE).

    Thanks guys, I have tried getting the blanking plug (4 months no sign of it) I am only aware of one place in the US that supplies these and my plug went missing in the mail (money refunded) apparently this happens a fair bit for items to Australia so I gave up with that supplier and hence was thinking this may be a cheaper/reliable? alternative.

    Didn't know Lotus supplied a blanking plug and retaining plate but will do a search. Thanks.

    Do you think there needs to be some resistance on the impeller? It is run off the oil pump which would supply resistance in itself.

    Worst case scenario I can think of is if oil passes into the impeller housing and feeds grit back into the lubrication system. There will be no coolant in there, just a worn out impeller.

    dodge1979, I am using the Davies Craig electric booster pump I have seen others using (supporting Aussie manufacturers).

  7. Ok, pump is off (just needed to tap it sideways and get it to spin in order to remove)

    Fins on the impeller are slightly damaged, however, I also notice that the cavity the impeller spins in is not circular. It is kind of squashed at one end so the fins rub on that end and don't even touch the walls at the other end. Is that normal?

    Still don't understand why I I can't leave the chargecooler pump in place and just take the impeller out. The pump will be spinning nothing and with no water coming in or out I shouldn't even need to run a hose from the inlet to outlet spigots.

    Or am I missing something?

  8. The chargecooler pump is no longer working on my esprit and I am looking to replace it with an electric water pump using the guide from LEW.

    Is there any reason why the chargecooler pump cannot be left in-situ and piece of hose connected from the inlet to the outlet spigot to 'blank off' this part?

    Also, if anyone has done this conversion how did you get the chargecooler pump out? mine seems very tight.

  9. Hey GreenLeader,

    Yeh, the blue esprit in that photo above^ is now my car. Bought it from Jason two weeks ago.

    Only taken it out once to take some photo's after a good polish and wax. Weather has been less than ideal.

    Was it you who put me onto this car when we met at Gingin? Not sure who is who yet.

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