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  1. S3 Turbo featured on Bangers and Cash now! Channel 27 freeview. Brendan
  2. Take a look at this. What a striking car and super rare.
  3. Shiny green Exige S3 with a 17 plate overtook me around lunch time today heading west on the A14 near Cambridge. Looked very special and made my day. Brendan
  4. Concorde engine for sale on ebay!
  5. Nice piece about the Evija on BBC news programme Click this morning. Available for catch up on iplayer. Brendan
  6. Hi Fabian, You might find this interesting. It's an approved supercar list from the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Esprit and Evora S are included but it's some of the Porsche models such as the 928 that are excluded which is surprising. Brendan 2013-fos-approved-supercar-list-final.pdf
  7. Unfortunately, I can't help you identify that car but wanted to ask you a question about the two really nice Esprit's you own. Without wishing to reignite the G v S debate, if you had to let one go, which would be the keeper and why? Brendan
  8. I'm going Saturday starting off from Milton, Cambridge then A14 and A11. Happy to meet up along route. If I'm correct we have to be on site by 9.00 am at the latest so was thinking of leaving around 07.30 which should allow ample time to get there and parked up in time. Brendan
  9. BC007

    Red Esprit.

    Yes the one at Fen Ditton but that was several years ago and I don't think there are any meets in Cambridge at the moment. I will try to get to Norfolk in the not too distant future.
  10. BC007

    Red Esprit.

    I've attended the Norfolk meets in the past and a few at the Ancient Shepherd's in Cambridge. I will try to make another when I get a chance. Would be great to meet up with other Esprit owners again especially for a run. Think mine feels a bit lonely at times! Thanks Phil. Brendan
  11. BC007

    Red Esprit.

    Didn't see you unfortunately. I live in Milton, Cambridge.
  12. BC007

    Red Esprit.

    That was me in my 1991 Turbo. I worked most of the day so treated myself to a late afternoon run before sundown. Cheers, Brendan
  13. During my holiday on South Miami Beach last week I was pleasantly surprised to see this Evora 400 parked across the road from my hotel. It was generating much interest and lots of people were stopping to take photographs.
  14. In ten years of ownership my Esprit has been super reliable. It failed to start on just one occasion due to a small electrical fault which was inexpensive to rectify. If there's a perceived reliability issue with Lotus cars which is affecting values why are the early Elite and Elan's doing so well? Brendan
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