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  1. Hey are you selling your car or is it located at a dealer? I like it but wow is it priced high.

    1. ABorkat


      It’s mine, and it is for sale at a dealership. There may be a small markup for selling as a dealer, but the price is actually very reasonable. I think we Esprit owners are the worst value critics of these cars, which has probably contributed to the overall poor market. Mine actually is being negotiated for sale with a local buyer within a month of being listed, so I think we’re pretty on point with what we’re asking. Or as I’ve said to others, find me a legitimate listing of one for sale currently as pristine as mine for the same or lower price, and I’ll sell mine to you for half off ;)

  2. That's crazy! I just had to go to my garage and double check I'm one of only four LTE owners in the state of Georgia that I know of, and the only one in black is mine, so to see another black one and from my small county is really funny. I wonder what it's doing all the way over there???
  3. Been meaning to post this for awhile, but this is what you see after taking the phillips head screws out, if you have to replace the seal. Move the locking slider, and the seal comes right off. Adam
  4. Posting this for anyone who may need these gas cap rubber seals in the future, but I found that PNM Engineering, SJS, and JAE all have them. This time around, PNM had the best price after getting them shipped to the US, so I have a new pair on the way. Thanks Pete! Also, as Richard mentioned, just a few screws off the inside of the cap, and it's a two minute job to switch out the seals. Adam
  5. the thing that you remove to add fuel? I'm referring to the part you unlock with a key, twist, and take off. Here's why I ask such a silly question - In my county, I have to pass annual emissions testing. Part of the test is checking this piece I'm asking about for its quality of sealing. On both mine, the gaskets are dry rotten, so they failed. Now that I'm out looking for them, I just can find any in the catalogs. Here in the states, we call them 'gas caps'. That search found nothing. I also tried 'fuel cap', 'fuel filler', 'petrol cap', and 'fuel lock'. What else could I possibl
  6. I saw that today, which is what reminded me to post this finally. Now if that were already at 21K, it would be perfect
  7. So I've been driving around a bit now, and I knew my speedometer has been off. I had my wife follow me on the highway (in two different cars), and what I've found is that when my speedo reads exactly 70 MPH, I'm actually going about 53-55 MPH. We figure at a roughly 30% error rate, for 100 miles I drive, the speedo is registering 150 or so. From the work record logs, it looks like this problem started around 18K miles on the car. The last owner had it listed as an item to address by the mechanic, but on the work receipt there was no mention of it being fixed or charged for, and it's still
  8. Does anyone know this particular car? A friend of mine is interested, but he wanted to know the history of it, if anyone here knows. Now from the opinions of other collectors/hobbyists, does that price seem realistic? I've never seen a similar one for sale, so I have no idea... Thanks, Adam BTW, I thought there were 50 of these made??
  9. I have no idea what these guys are saying, but I am in love with these wheels on a G car! They are silver, but the video makes them look white unfortunately. This second video shows them from the profile a little better.
  10. Here in the states, we have this same problem but with Hondas. They're like gnats in a swamp. These guys think that bolting on a cheap mail-order spoiler, replacing their muffler with a tin can, and painting their car flamboyant colors makes them faster. Somehow they forget to actually tune their "tuner" cars. Needless to say, they never keep up! I've also been lucky enough not to have any of these fools ride my arse like that when I'm in the Lotus. Usually, they will pull along side me, rev a bit, and take off. For me it's not showing them I'm faster, it's the knowing I am and not ne
  11. About the same time and sitting out in the driveway in the sun, but during an average Atlanta summer day (where it's nearly 90 degrees in the shade!)
  12. I had similar scare with the Leatherique. On my non-Lotus, the cracks where the dye was broken were left with this. After a few weeks, the darkening disappeared. I also notice something else (this time on the Lotus), which I emailed George at Leatherique about, and he set me at ease. A few days after the oil was done, all of my threads looked like they had absorbed all of the dirt and grime, and I couldn't get them clean. What he said, which I later found was right thankfully, was that the oil needed to finish penetrating the leather and these would dry up. They did, and now my leather
  13. Have any of the worldwide Concours d'Elegance shows ever invited a Lotus Esprit? I've gone through hundreds of websites looking for one, and found none. In fact, the only Lotuses I've found were some of the early racecars (Elevens and such). Adam
  14. A few pics from Atlanta British Car Fayre 2009 this past Saturday. See the rest at Modern Lotuses: Nice asses : James' new toy: My car feeling a bit inferior :
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